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The Grammys: Get the Look

To pick a “best-dressed” from the Grammys has always seemed like an overly ambitious decision to make.  So many stars, so many designers, so many styles who could possibly pick one (or ten) favorites? But from all the looks, there was one that stood out to inspire a unique addition to our wardrobes.  The look we can’t wait to embrace was inspired by none other than the sensational Katy Perry.  Katy’s unique Valentino dress on the red carpet (the dress that opened Valentino’s spring 2014 show in Paris) and her stunning ice blue gown for the after party had one thing in common - tulle.

A tulle skirt is definitely the easiest way to incorporate this fairytale fabric.  While the texture itself is whimsical and bold, we like the look of pairing it with a toned down piece like denim or a sweater.  For a more versatile approach, a tulle top is great for layering!  Make it the top layer over a camisole, or the bottom layer under a sweater or jacket.  But wait, it gets better.  Tulle is a great option for this time of year, where it’s no longer the cozy holidays, but not yet springtime sunshine.  Tulle’s elegant flair hints at the remnants of winter, while its femininity calls for the beauty of springtime.

We can’t wait to try incorporate a touch of tulle to our looks!  Thanks Katy Perry for the inspiration, I hope we can rock it as well as you do!

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The Golden Globes to Your Closet

Yes, we all saw the overwhelmingly unanimous decision that Lupita Nyong’o was the best dressed at the 2014 Golden Globes.  But dear fashion magazines, how is that supposed to help us?  I’m sorry but we are not about to try to pull off a fire engine red cape.  We’re looking to these celebrities not just to adore their glamorous wardrobes, but for style inspiration!  Luckily many other stars among the best dressed flaunted styles that we can’t wait to try.  Here are our favorite looks from the 2014 Golden Globes to inspire our every day style.

1. Olivia Wilde
Designer: Gucci Premiere
Inspiration: Emerald Green

With a color like this, we just can’t take our eyes off her.  So why not try to incorporate such an eye-catching color into your wardrobe?  We love the idea of adding a pop of emerald green to your go-to looks. To add a little zest to your casual every day wear, how about shimmering emerald heels?  Or glittering emerald nails anyone?

2. Kate Beckinsale
Designer: Zuhair Murad
Inspiration: Beaded Texture

There is just something so glamorous about beaded texturing.   Kate’s beaded gunmetal gown turned a simple metallic dress into a spectacular work of art.  We love this look so much that we are determined to add more beaded accents to our wardrobe.  Whether it be a touch of beads in a headband or a beaded skirt, the texture give the piece a one-of-a-kind, hand made feeling.

3. Naomi Watts
Designer: Tom Ford
Inspiration: White Gold

While many fear light hues will wash them out, Naomi shone brilliantly in her embroidered, white gold gown.  We can’t get enough of this color for its ability to add some shine to winter outfits without going all out holiday sparkle.  The elegance of white gold is perfect for a blouse, for a sophisticated look without being stuffy.  On a more casual note, we love this white gold shimmer skirt with a laid back T-shirt.  It’s just enough to sparkle without wearing sequins.  White gold’s versatility makes it a great piece to wear when dressing up or down.

4. Amy Adams
Designer: Valentino Couture
Inspiration: Minimalism

Talk about a statement!  We are drooling over Amy’s plunging neckline and the ruby red color.  In fact, the outfit is so stunning that she felt no need to over accessorize.  We’ll take a page from Amy’s book and say, let your outfit do the talking!  While it’s fun to dress up a simple outfit with bold accessories, the opposite can be just as appealing.  When it comes to a bold style, own it!  Don’t let accessories distract from your sleek outfit.  Like Amy, rather than sport bold jewelry, rock a bold color (and we love the idea of red and maroon)!  We love this eye opening idea.  Sometimes less is more.

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Get a Feel for Fall Dresses

Let’s admit it, we all love a good dress.  An understatement I know, but who can resist their cute and flirty feel while also being the most comfortable option out there?  We mostly think of dresses as a summer essential.  But just because it’s getting colder doesn’t mean you have to hide those legs just yet.  To get that perfect fall feel, bring on the textures!

That’s right, this season leather is making a comeback once again, and we couldn’t be more excited.  Whether it’s a jacket, boots, or bag, what better way to add both edge and sophistication?  Just take your summer dress and throw on your favorite leather pieces. The simple accents can turn any dress into a fearless fall ensemble. We love complementing the flirty feel of a dress with the cool confidence of a leather jacket.  Add a leather bag for a timeless sophisticated touch.  And don’t forget your leather boots to enhance that autumn feel. Goodbye sandals, these boots were made for walking.

Quilted pieces are a must-have this fall.  Channel your inner diva and rock your dress with a quilted bag, or strut your stuff in quilted shoes.  Even try a dress that’s partially quilted (but careful not to overdo it!).  We love playing up the little black dress with a pop of color from a quilted cross-body bag.  Even pair your go-to floral dress with a quilted jacket or purse!  The soft pillow-y texture can perfectly transform any dress to a killer outfit for the colder season.

Stay warm and cozy with a classic fall look, wool and knit.  Add a knit scarf or sweater to bundle up for the brisk days, or add a touch of bohemian with wool tights.  We love extending the life of our summer florals or stripes by pairing them with an over-sized cardigan. And we can’t resist the good old-fashioned sweater dress for an instant autumn style. This texture is a timeless fall fashion that’s fantastic for embracing the season.

So search your closet to its deepest corners, hit the racks at your favorite store, and flaunt your fall dress with confidence!

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