While you’re crawling out of your Turkey induced coma, Black Friday is back and looking better than ever. Our favorite retailers are ready to take on the crowds of both in store and online shoppers. I personally stay as far away from the in store masses because most of the same deals can be found online (without having to tackle someone for it). My list for Black Friday has grown over the course of the past few weeks. Sorry, I’m not sorry that I’ll be buying some goodies for myself this year. Hey, my closet deserves a great deal too!

My first Black Friday goal is to replenish all of my basics. Boyfriend tees and long sleeve solid color shirts (black and white). These go perfectly under a blazer or on their own, which is why I need more versatile pieces like that in my closet. I hate wearing blouses when I don’t really have to.

I’ll also be keeping an eye out for a New Year’s Eve outfit. I’m sure I have something in my closet that I could put together for the last night of 2014, but that wouldn’t be as fun now would it? Sequins, sparkles, and feathers are a few of my favorite things.

Who could forget about accessories? The perfect category to use the old “one for you and one for me” approach. Gotta love it. Plus, who has ever said they have enough jewelry, shoes, scarves, etc? Exactly, no one.

What will you be scoping out this Black Friday?

~Taylor, fashioniSTA intern