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Spend your lunch break soaking up the deals at STA!

Join us on Wednesday, October 17th from 1pm - 4pm for a Ladies’ Lunch with snacks, drinks and 20% off your entire purchase.

Plus, get a free STA hoodie with any purchase over $100!

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Philadelphia, PA 19103

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Camping Outfit Checklist (fashioniSTA style)

Our fashioniSTA is headed out to another weekend getaway, this time she’s braving the great outdoors and going camping. While leaving the city behind, she still remains stylish at the campground. Here are her essentials for a woodsy weekend look:

The Look:
Utility jacket
Gingham shirt
Distressed denim shorts
Havaiana flip flops

Also Packing:
Pullover hoodie, skinny jeans, bathing suit,
Dry shampoo, iPod, and snacks

Here are some more cute camping must-haves for any fashioniSTA from Refinery29.com

~Lisa, fashioniSTA

A Very FashioniSTA Birthday

Earlier this week, this fashioniSTA celebrated a very stylish birthday (not to mention a double birthday for my fashionable twin sister as well). Friends and family gathered on a waterfront restaurant roof deck overlooking Boston’s harbor where the sun was shining and the sangria was absolutely delicious. To dress for the occasion I wore a white form-fitting Nicole Miller number, while my sister opted for a flowy feminine look in soft pink silk chiffon. FashioniSTA friends arrived in sundresses and full skirts covered in florals, lace, and summer stripes.  It was quite the party.

On your birthday it’s your time to shine, and at your party you are already the center of attention so make sure you dress the part.  Don’t be afraid to wear a bold color or to steal the show in sequins. Play up your personality and show off your own unique personal style.  Here are some fabulous looks for a fashioniSTA birthday party:

LWD: The little white dress is easily summer’s version of the LBD.  It’s classic, elegant, and chic, and is the perfect dress for any special occasion- especially on your special day. The little white dress allows you to accessorize in a way that really shows off your personality, like adding some personalized Alex and Ani bangles or a statement necklace. There are many options of silhouettes, fabrics and details, so chose something that flatters your figure and that you feel comfortable in.
FashioniSTA picks: Susana Monaco, Alice + Olivia, Nicholas.

Be Bold: Another option is to wear a bright color which really puts you as the center of attention on your birthday. Neon has been a huge trend this spring and summer, so if you’re feeling daring, don a dress if the super bright shades. If trends aren’t your thing, try a dress in a summery shade of coral or yellow. Wearing a bold color exudes confidence and shows a fun, playful personality.
FashioniSTA picks: BCBGMAXAZRIA, Herve Leger.

Sparkle and Shine: At STA we love anything that sparkles. If you really want to shine on your birthday, wear sequins. A little sparkle will never go out of style.
FashioniSTA picks: Parker, MICHAEL Michael Kors.

~Lisa, fashioniSTA

A FashioniSTA’s Reference Guide to Green

We all know that we should try to be a little more eco-friendly, but sometimes we don’t know where to start, especially when it comes to our closets. Checking out eco-fashion buzzwords, it’s not always clear what they mean. Finding yourself stumped? Well here’s a handy little guide to make eco-shopping a little easier.

Organic: This means that no pesticides, chemicals or genetically modified seeds were used in growing the materials used to make the clothing. However, some dyes used to color the clothing are chemical, so make sure you do some research on the company if this is a deal-breaker for you.

Vegan: No animal products were used to create the item. This includes wool, silk, down, leather, suede and fur. Going vegan can reduce your carbon footprint because the processes to make non-vegan materials can involve harmful chemicals and depletion of natural resources.

Sustainable: Refers to items that are eco-friendly, generally meaning organic. Any fashion that reduces your carbon footprint can be labeled sustainable.

Bamboo: A type of grass that grows quickly and in a variety of climates. The reason it’s lauded as being green is because it can be grown without the use of pesticides and regrows quickly after it is cut. However, sometimes chemicals are used to convert bamboo into clothing.

Consignment/Swapping: This is the equivalent to recycling your clothing. You’re reducing your carbon footprint by not increasing the demand for new clothes (where the process uses chemicals as well as natural resources). However, not all clothing that is consigned or swapped is organic or vegan.

Do you have a buzzword that you’re confused about? Let us know on Facebook!

March Madness: Round 1 Winners

Round 1 was a tough first battle, with our Sweet Sixteen Trends competing against each other to be the top spring trend of 2012. From the celebrity endorsements to the accessibility to women everywhere, these trends broke out the big guns to make it out of the gate. Check out how each game turned out:

1. Top Knots vs. Crop Tops
The Knot trumps the Crop when women everywhere realize that only celebrities and people with personal trainers on speed dial can actually wear crop tops.
2. Peplum vs. Marni for H&M
The hottest silhouette goes up against a designer with a cult following now at lower prices (which is still all relative). It was a pretty dead-heat battle until Peplum whipped out its ability to flatter anyone’s midsection. Game over, Marni.
3. Neons vs. Art Deco jewelry
Right out of the gate the Neons powerhouse slams down Art Deco jewelry’s effort. Even with the backing of Rachel Zoe, since no one has the time to search for Art Deco jewelry – and it hasn’t made it to H&M just yet – it proves to be no match for the rising publicity and street cred that Neons has gained.
4. Day clutches vs. Shorts/Menswear
The nighttime-gone-day accessory (Day clutches) goes up against the daytime-gone-night trend (Shorts/Menswear). This is a decent competition, what with celebrity endorsements on both sides. Ultimately, Day Clutches squeak by as a winner as soon as we (as in all womenkind) realized that our legs weren’t quite shorts-ready just yet.
5. Celebrity nail polish lines vs. Jennifer Lawrence
Yes, Celebrity nail polish lines have the backing of The Hunger Games and Nicki Minaj, but adding the over-exposed Kardashians to the mix makes this trend just a little more annoying. And with Jennifer Lawrence’s runway choices for her red carpet premieres and her growing superstardom, the girl on fire reigns supreme.
6. Hi-low hemlines vs. Pleats
A great battle with a deadlock outcome. These truly brilliant competitors form an alliance to create a superpower spring trend – Pleated Hi-Low skirts and dresses. Now they’ve set their sights on knocking out Peplum to form an alliance with Neons.
7. Mint vs. Mixing & Matching
The starring pastel of the spring (Mint) against a trend that stylized breaking major fashion rules (Mixing & Matching) was a tough battle from the start. But the infiltration of downtown divas throughout the world has made Mixing & Matching a new style art, which left Mint in the dust.
8. Fashion Star vs. Graphic prints
Graphic prints hit the runway with legitimate backers, such as Milly and Erdem, and a solid cause to modernize the classic spring floral. However, the star power and accessibility of a television show proved too powerful by helping three retailers sell out (within hours) new items by no-name designers. That’s the definition of winning.

Stay tuned to see who wins the round 2 match-up!

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BLOWOUT SALE: The Black Friday Style Storm Hits STA!

Black is back at STA with a 50% OFF Blowout Event!
We’re taking the most wonderful day of the shopping year and making it even better.
Stop by any Second Time Around location from 7am - 9am** on November 25th and get 50% OFF everything in the store!*
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Shop any store from Friday, November 25th through Sunday, November 27th and save on everything you’ll need to tackle the winter months in style.

*Discount not applicable to furs. Not to be combined with other offers. **Atrium Mall opens at 9am Friday and merchandise will be 50% off from 9-11am.

Women Who Work Wednesdays Shopping Event with Ambria!

Wednesdays mean the workweek is half over, so why not reward yourself with an after-work trip to STA? This Wednesday, November 16th, the Thompson Street store in Soho, NYC will be staying open until 10:30pm to accommodate our favorite working girls.
Hosted by Ambria Miscia from Bravo’s Fashion Hunters, she’ll be pulling out all the stops, from champagne to an extra 20% off your purchase!* Here’s to making Wednesdays your new favorite shopping day!

Second Time Around Soho
111 Thompson Street
New York, NY 10012
(212) 925-3919

*Cannot be combined with other outside offers, excludes furs.

The Most Stylish Halloween Party - Tonight at Our Chelsea Store!

Put some haute into your Halloween by joining us at our Chelsea location tonight as we kick off the spookiest weekend of the year!

From 5-9pm we will be serving up drinks, treats and the best trick of all with a magically additional 10% off everything in the store!

Whether you’re snagging last-minute additions to your costume or just on the haunted hunt for amazing designer deals, we’ve got all the style treats you’re craving.

Second Time Around Chelsea
94 7th Ave
New York, NY 10011

It’s a FashioniSTA Halloween!

Tune in all this week as we bring you Halloween, STA-style. Whether it’s haute or just hilarious, the best thing about Halloween style is it’s never boring! We’ll bring you everything you need to have a ghoulish and glam Halloween, so stay tuned!