During the winter, it’s hard to not want to wear over-sized sweaters and leggings day in and day out. I wish I could say that those basics are appropriate for all occasions, but sadly, they are not. I find myself reaching for the same sweaters and pants over and over again because I know that they are warm and comfortable, especially right now. We can all keep wishing for the summer to come, but there is another scary named storm heading our way and that isn’t an excuse to let your style fall by the wayside.

Blanket Scarves

Who doesn’t love an over-sized scarf? Just throw it over a basic long sleeve tee or on top of your winter jacket to keep you extra warm.

Fur (Real or Faux)

In every color and the fluffier the better. Fancy a vest over a jacket? Me too, but how chic does a jacket look? I need to keep an eye out for one that’s my style.

Colorful Jackets

I hate wearing dark colors in the winter. Just because it’s crappy out, doesn’t mean your color choices have to be. I wear mostly black and dark denim during the winter months, but then pair with an over the top blazer or bright t shirt.

How are you breaking out of your winter style rut?

~Taylor, fashioniSTA

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest