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Taking Festival Fashion to Daily Life

Street style photographers assemble for hours outside of Lincoln Center during Fashion Week in the hopes of capturing the chicest outfits and most inspirational ensembles from the high fashion elite. However, with the rise in popularity of music festivals like Coachella, festival fashion has garnered its own notoriety. Those same street style photographers now crowd the barren desert campgrounds of Palm Springs, photographing hip concertgoers rocking the latest trends.

As a bit of a festival veteran (I, too, paraded around Palm Desert last spring for Coachella and have attended San Francisco’s Outside Lands festival a few times), I must warn you that festival fashion isn’t always the most wearable in day-to-day life. The desert heat and packed amphitheatres make crocheted crop-tops and high-wasted cutoffs seem okay—but that doesn’t really fly in day-to-day life. Here are a few tips so you can still rock those fun festival styles without hitting the desert.

1. Go Wild with PrintsFestival goers love their animal prints! Cheetah print tops, pants and jackets—you name it. Try this trend on the daily by switching up your normal blouse with a cheetah print one. Pair it with simple black pants and a leather jacket—you’ll be rocking festival style without being too outrageous. If you want to be a little more daring, choose a pair of animal printed pants or a wild leopard print jacket.

2. Crop It
I’ve never seen more crop tops than when I was at Coachella. While some of the girls paired their cropped tops with hip-hugging shorts or jeans, I don’t have that confidence. If you’re like me and just want to show a little stomach, try a crop top with a high waisted pair of slacks or a maxi-skirt (another festival staple). Finish off the look with a fun structured jacket or blazer.

3. Heavy Metal

The hardest part about rocking festival trends is that they’re not always appropriate for daily wear. However, the chicest festival goers always had one thing in common—awesome statement jewelry—which can be worn no matter the occasion. This trend is super easy to try and you can tweak it to match your own personal style. I like piling on the silver jewelry: numerous rings on my fingers, a solid silver arm party, and a spiky statement necklace. Make the trend your own by layering your own favorite jewelry pieces—the more the merrier!

~Alyssa, fashioniSTA

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Spotted: Top 3 Accessory Trends Off The Runway at NYFW

While Fashion Week is known for its runways, fashion show attendees can be just as inspiring to look at. With the tastemakers of the fashion world flocking to Lincoln Center to see and be seen, it’s no surprise that street style photos are just as influential as the designers’ new collections. After much obsessing over candid shots of editors and bloggers galore, here are three of the hottest accessory trends from the streets of New York.

1. Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces have been around for a few seasons now, but they were still ever-present on the most fashionable NYFW attendees. As we segue into spring, many of the statement necklaces that we spotted were bright and colorful in pastel and neon hues. While a gorgeous statement necklace can make even the simplest outfit look chic, fashion risk takers preferred to layer their necklaces over a contrasting pattern or design for an even trendier look. For a twist on menswear, layer a statement necklace (or multiple) underneath an oxford collar.
(middle photo credit:

2. Colorblocked Bags

Colorblocking is far from a new trend; every season sees numerous colorblocked outfits sent down the runway. However, colorblocked bags really seemed to make an appearance on the streets of New York this February. A perfect way to add a colorful (but not overwhelming) pop to any ensemble, a colorblocked clutch is effortlessly chic. The best thing about this trend is the versatility, grab a slouchy option for a more casual jeans-and-tee ensemble, or go with a structured, mini version for your fashion-forward office or a night out.
(photo credit:

3. Mirrored Sunglasses

Step aside, Wayfarers! There’s a new sunglasses trend in town, and it’s a lot more fun than the classic Ray Bans style we’ve come to know and love. Though New York may have been a tad chilly (ahem, Nemo), the sun was still out, and many fashionistas completed their outfits with a pair of super reflective sunglasses. This awesome 80s-inspired trend was spotted everywhere this season, and is the perfect way to add a quirky twist to an outfit.
(left photo credit:

This season, set aside classic accessories and try something a little more colorful and fun. I can’t wait to add extra spice to my closet with these new accessory trends!

What was your favorite street style trend from fashion week? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!

~Alyssa, fashioniSTA

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March Madness: Round 1 Winners

Round 1 was a tough first battle, with our Sweet Sixteen Trends competing against each other to be the top spring trend of 2012. From the celebrity endorsements to the accessibility to women everywhere, these trends broke out the big guns to make it out of the gate. Check out how each game turned out:

1. Top Knots vs. Crop Tops
The Knot trumps the Crop when women everywhere realize that only celebrities and people with personal trainers on speed dial can actually wear crop tops.
2. Peplum vs. Marni for H&M
The hottest silhouette goes up against a designer with a cult following now at lower prices (which is still all relative). It was a pretty dead-heat battle until Peplum whipped out its ability to flatter anyone’s midsection. Game over, Marni.
3. Neons vs. Art Deco jewelry
Right out of the gate the Neons powerhouse slams down Art Deco jewelry’s effort. Even with the backing of Rachel Zoe, since no one has the time to search for Art Deco jewelry – and it hasn’t made it to H&M just yet – it proves to be no match for the rising publicity and street cred that Neons has gained.
4. Day clutches vs. Shorts/Menswear
The nighttime-gone-day accessory (Day clutches) goes up against the daytime-gone-night trend (Shorts/Menswear). This is a decent competition, what with celebrity endorsements on both sides. Ultimately, Day Clutches squeak by as a winner as soon as we (as in all womenkind) realized that our legs weren’t quite shorts-ready just yet.
5. Celebrity nail polish lines vs. Jennifer Lawrence
Yes, Celebrity nail polish lines have the backing of The Hunger Games and Nicki Minaj, but adding the over-exposed Kardashians to the mix makes this trend just a little more annoying. And with Jennifer Lawrence’s runway choices for her red carpet premieres and her growing superstardom, the girl on fire reigns supreme.
6. Hi-low hemlines vs. Pleats
A great battle with a deadlock outcome. These truly brilliant competitors form an alliance to create a superpower spring trend – Pleated Hi-Low skirts and dresses. Now they’ve set their sights on knocking out Peplum to form an alliance with Neons.
7. Mint vs. Mixing & Matching
The starring pastel of the spring (Mint) against a trend that stylized breaking major fashion rules (Mixing & Matching) was a tough battle from the start. But the infiltration of downtown divas throughout the world has made Mixing & Matching a new style art, which left Mint in the dust.
8. Fashion Star vs. Graphic prints
Graphic prints hit the runway with legitimate backers, such as Milly and Erdem, and a solid cause to modernize the classic spring floral. However, the star power and accessibility of a television show proved too powerful by helping three retailers sell out (within hours) new items by no-name designers. That’s the definition of winning.

Stay tuned to see who wins the round 2 match-up!

MFA’s Jewels, Gems, and Treasures: Ancient to Modern

Once upon a time, feathers, claws, coral, and rock crystals drew as much attention as that huge rock on your neighbor’s

finger. These crazy pieces were used as a sort of silent communication system, stating your status to all who passed by. B.C.-era bling also served to be personally symbolic, seen as protective charms that could keep the wearer from harm. Since then, jewelry has evolved into fashionable accents viewed less as status symbols (engagement rings aside) or Harry-Potter-esque amulets and more as little “pops” we add to our daily wardrobe to pull ourselves together.

But jewelry as… art? If your love of all things sparkly goes beyond the typical gal’s “these earrings go with this outfit” mindset, then you will be blown away by the Boston Museum of Fine Arts most recent exhibition. Jewels, Gems, and Treasures: Ancient to Modern opened on July 19th, showcasing about 75 pieces dating from 2400 BC to 2003. This exhibition ushers in the inauguration of the MFA’s new “Rita J. and Stanley H. Kaplan Family Foundation Gallery,” which promises to be a home for thematic rotating jewelry shows.

Among the standout pieces of historical value are a diamond earring/enamel brooch set from the 1860’s (right), worn by Mary Todd Lincoln as she mourned her presidential husband; a diamond earring/necklace Tiffany set (now considered to be

one of the oldest surviving American-made necklaces) given by gun tycoon Samuel Colt in 1856 to his bride; enameled cuff bracelets which once belonged to Coco Chanel; cereal heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post’s platinum-diamond- emerald brooch; six deity-topped pendants previously owned by Nubian queens (above, right); and a brooch-and-earrings set adorned with taxidermy hummingbirds (below), which were all the rage in 1860’s England. This already-impressive list excludes the scores of art deco pieces on display by contemporary artisans. You’ll have to see them all for yourself!

The MFA’s new gallery marks the first exhibition dedicated entirely to jewelry at a major U.S. art museum. “This seems to be as significant as when art museums began having departments and curators for textiles,” says Marjorie Schwarzer, author of Riches, Rivals, and Radicals: 100 Years of Museums in America. “It’s taking these art forms that were considered ‘craft’ and then were considered ‘women’s arts’ and elevating them to fine art.” As Ruth Peltason, author of Living Jewels: Masterpieces from Nature: Coral, Pearls, Horn, Shell, Wood & Other Exotica points out, “if we can get intelligent people talking to us about jewelry, then we won’t just see it as ‘would I wear that ring?’ or ‘gee, I’d like to own that necklace.’ Instead, we can look at it as something of its time and ask ‘Who are those great makers? Who are those great artists?’”

From a fashioniSTA’s standpoint, it’s all about staying ahead of the trends. After all, history repeats itself on the runway! By visiting an exhibit like this, you can ogle the jewelry from hundreds of years ago and compare it to what we are wearing today, seeing how these pieces continue to inspire our current styles. Prepare yourself to be dazzled as well as inspired. If you’re in the Boston area, be sure to check out this breathtaking exhibition, on display through November 25th.

~Kim, Store Manager - Harvard Square/FashioniSTA

Get a Princess Wedding without Breaking the Royal Bank

I’m sure there are many fashioniSTAs out there planning weddings (and drooling over Kate’s gorgeous sapphire). As a fashioniSTA bride myself, I thought I would share a bit how I used STA and designer consignment steals to not only dress myself as the bride from head to toe, but also the lovely ladies in my family. If you’re at all like me, you’ve learned pretty quickly that planning a wedding on a budget takes some creative thinking. For me, at least, going the designer consignment route was second nature, and I’m living proof that with the right eye, you can create a picture-perfect wedding party fit for a princess without a royal trust fund.

As it happens, I found my gown (second hand!) in a rather haphazard way. I learned that Goodwill had partnered with bridal salons in the area to do a fundraiser for local women’s shelter programs. They filled a HUGE warehouse with lightly-used sample wedding gowns. Like running-of-the-brides, though, the event started at the crack of dawn the following Sunday, and my sleep-deprived law-student brain said, Na-ah. Too early. Well, fast-forward 48 hours. I was sitting in church that Sunday morning, knowing the blowout sale ended in 4 hours, and I figured, What the hey! So I schlepped myself out to West Roxbury – I figured, with gowns starting at $80, even if I find nothing at least I’ll have tried a few styles on and narrowed down my search. Yeah, well, go figures. In a room filled with thousands of gowns, most of which I wouldn’t have given a second glance too, there was my gown! The exact one I had been looking for- 1940’s inspired, bias-cut, hammered silk, with a waterfall drape and tasteful rhinestone beading. FOR $80!! Not joking. I just about fainted right then when the woman told me the price, and I’m fairly certain my mother did when I finally got her on the phone.

My shoes came along in much the same way. My mother, up for a visit, baby sister and I were trolling Newbury street, and I brought them to my favorite shops on the street (STA, duh!). We were browsing in 219 when I came across the perfect pair of Manolo’s. Silver satin d’Orsay pumps with a low heel and rhinestone circle. At 50% off, and ending up at $75, you better believe I snatched those right off the shelf!

I think at this point I decided to give myself a little challenge: $75 per item that I had left to find, tops. I mean, if I could find my gown for $80, I could find everything else for less, right?

So one night while working at the Newton store, I get an IM from our NYC Lexington store. It’s my sister (she works there!) with a wedding find. Christian Dior pearl and CZ halo clip earrings that just showed up at her shop. Score, for $32! Next, on a rare Saturday off, I peeped in a new consignment store that had just opened in Connecticut and found a stunning vintage Art Deco silver and rhinestone bracelet for $75. Last but not least, I trolled wedding-specific online resale websites, and upcycled my veil from a bride in Seattle who decided at the last minute to go with a birdcage veil instead of a long veil.

Ok, fine, so I did break my “$75 limit” rule on a splurge. Knowing New England in the spring, I had no idea if May 8 would be snowing, raining, 85 degrees and balmy . . . so I made arrangements as any fashioniSTA would. A few months after I started working at the Newton store, it turned to fur season. One particularly fine piece caught my eye—a silver mink capelet. Not being an animal rights activist myself, I LOVED the mink. I figure, if you’re going to wear fur of any variety, you might as well wear the real stuff. I waited till the end of the fur season, and splurged $125 on my perfect wedding outerwear. It came in handy, too! My wedding day stormed all morning, was sunny and gorgeous all afternoon (just in time for pictures in the gardens!), and dropped to a frigid 37 degrees as we were leaving the reception. I only wish I had though of gloves to complete the look.

All in all, I spent a total of $500 for my wedding gown and accessories. Not bad, eh?

Can’t leave out my lovely ladies! My mother, veteran consignor that she is, scored a stunning Tahari blk satin column gown for $60 at the consignment store I grew up with back home. STA hadn’t hit the big city yet when we were looking for my sister’s gown. We still managed to wrangle a sweet deal from Saks—at 80% off, her Marc Bouwer gown came to $167. I lent her our great-grandmother’s gold & pearl chandelier earrings, which she paired with gold bangles she found at the Lex Ave store; a pair of strappy gold Chloe sandals from the store at $176 completed her look.

I was inspired by that Art Deco era look- very black tie, very glamorous. But you can find something for ANY style wedding at STA. I can look at any shelf at my Newton store, and find something I think would be perfect for a wedding.

Want white shoes? Check out these white patent Stuart Weitzman peeptoes at $109 (right) for a classic and feminine shoe, or these Aldo woven leather peeptoes at $25 (right), perfect for that outdoor or more casual wedding. Having a garden wedding? Avoid sinking heels with a pair of classic flats - like our white Fendi pair (below). Or try any of our strappy Jimmy Choo sandals for a more glam night at, say, the State room or the Plaza—gold or silver, take your pick (below in gold). For the trendier bride, going with a “something blue” accent on your shoe can really make your individual wedding statement. Or our black and blingy Valentino pumps that we have in stock might strike just the right note of glam and edgy- perfect for a mermaid shape gown!

Now that your toes are covered, need a bag? We have a stunning Vintage Rosenfeld hammered gold evening bag. Or this adorable little gold pear shaped bag by Rolo. Or this hand hammered silver bag from Mexico. Each is just the perfect size for your lipstick, some breath mints, and a Tide stick (which is all you really need on your big day anyway).

Jewelry is a wedding must! Try a blingy right-hand ring, like this sterling and CZ eye-catcher (below). If you’re not wearing a veil, or looking for something a little more fun for your head, try a glitzy Miu Miu headband for a change! These Swarovsky pearl and CZ halo earrings (below) look just like my Dior’s, and are the perfect touch for anyone with short hair (like myself) or planning and up-do. Or you could try to pull in your “something blue” with your jewelry. We have a great Gundert silver and lapis necklace that’s a bargain at $64!

And don’t worry, STA’s good for more than just accessories on your Big Day. Especially if you’re planning a non-traditional wedding, or even looking for a cute white dress to wear to your Bridal Shower or rehearsal. Stop into any of our stores, and you’re sure to find a collection of white, ivory, and cream dresses, in every length and fabric, perfect for whatever occasion. Outfit your ladies in STA! Especially if you’re giving your gals a color, and letting them pick their own dress, make sure you keep STA on your list of perfect places to shop. This is the perfect time of year to find an amazing selection of jewel tone, pastel or bright spring and summer dresses! Go for a short cocktail length for a classic feel to any color or shape, or go with a maxi style as a trendy or fancier option!

For all the fashioniSTA brides out there, Best Wishes! Get creative in where you look for your perfect wedding accessories, and make sure to check out the closest STA to you while you’re at it.

~Jamie, Manager and fashioniSTA bride, Second Time Around Newton

A TIMELINE OF TRINKETS: Jewelry Through the Decades

Every jewelry aficionado has at least one piece in their collection that stands out, be it for eye-catching glitz, overly ornate details, or understated simplicity.  But where do these pieces come from?  Heirlooms? Antique shops? Your local department store?  All jewelry, be they from yesterday or yesteryear, can be credited in design to certain eras.  Join us as we scour the cases at our Harvard Square location, hunting for pieces to help highlight the ongoing heyday of personal adornment!

Each groundbreaking design period had jewelry styles that are easy to identify, so let us begin with one of the earliest trends to break away from the mold of conservative cameos and basic gemstones…

ART NOUVEAU (all the rage: 1895-1915)

The graceful Art Nouveau period started with designers in France and those in America following suit. The most important characteristic of this kind of jewelry was its free-flowing nature. The whimsical lines found in Art Nouveau jewelry suggest the movement, passion, and youthful vigor in the new ideas of the turn of the century. At the heart of the Art Nouveau movement were nature motifs and fantastical elements such as fairies and wood creatures.

EXHIBIT A: Pieces in the style of Art Nouveau, ranging from $8 to $14

EDWARDIAN (all the rage: 1890-1920)

After the death of the UK’s Queen Victoria, the Edwardian era was ushered in when her son Edward took the throne. This was a lavish period with pearls and diamonds paired with emeralds, rubies and other gemstone accents. This era was proven to be a highly decorative and elaborate period, full of regal and bold components.

EXHIBIT B: Pieces in the Edwardian style, ranging from $6 to $16

ART DECO (all the rage: 1920-1935)

The period between the World Wars witnessed new interest in modernizing jewelry. Designers of the Art Deco period welcomed the clean lines of the machine age — forms inspired by nature or abstract sources followed geometric lines, a noticeable difference from both Edwardian and Art Nouveau jewelry.  In addition to the strong shapes, this was a period of contrasting bright colors.

Motifs of the Art Deco period included screw-back / clip-on earrings and Egyptian-esque jewelry (King Tut’s tomb was discovered in 1922). Themes of this era are still prevalent today — new diamond cuts were introduced to accentuate the geometric taste, including the emerald cut, triangle cut, trapeze cut, and marquis cut.

EXHIBIT C: Pieces in the style of Art Deco, ranging from $6 to $14

RETRO (all the rage: 1935-1950s)

Even before World War II, jewelry was changing. The Retro look was an infusion of old and new - utilizing the curves of Art Nouveau with the clean simple look of Art Deco, but in a scale not seen before. Big was beautiful when it comes to describing jewelry of the Retro period, elaborate and colorful with an array of gold and gemstones. It had Hollywood for its inspiration, so the retro jewelry was somewhat larger than life in style. This was also the period when charm bracelets became a favorite jewelry item.

EXHIBIT D: Retro-esque pieces, ranging from $6 to $16

CONTEMPORARY (all the rage: 1960s to present)

Jewelry in recent decades has come a long way. Plastics were introduced, which provided a huge outlet for new colors and styles. Price points decreased and everyone was now able to find an affordable style to suit them.  Bold, primary colors emerged, as did oversized cartoony shapes. This carried on well into the 1980s, but after the “massive consumption” years of the decade, less became more in the 1990s. The silhouette became neater as shoulder pads finally died and jewelry became non-existent or chic in its simplicity and barely-there quality. Floating necklaces were popular, as were simple studs for earrings.  Moving forward, the ’00s weren’t so much about any one trend — it actually relied heavily on past decades for inspiration. Add in leather cuffs, arm bands and cocktail rings, and you’ve got yourself a complete ensemble from the early 21st century.

EXHIBIT F: Contemporary pieces, ranging from $6 to $18

CURRENT (all the rage: now)

Because women have a need for newness in their style, fashion will continue to offer changes. Some trends are emerging in 2010, but they are subtle and cautious. Big, edgy and bold pieces are still significant; statement necklaces, large cocktail rings and massive bracelets remain important. What has emerged this year is that metal is playing a larger role in jewelry designs. Chains are among the most simple and ancient forms of jewelry, but designers are using them in elaborate and modern ways this season. Designs run the gamut, from delicate dangling gold earrings to bold bib-style necklaces, composed of dozens of strands of chains. The newest necklaces are mixtures of gold and silver, shiny and matte metals, often dressed up with crystals, charms, stones and pearls.

Judging from the variety of styles that can be found in the Harvard Square Second Time Around alone, one emerging trend is simply to mix it up.  Take a little Art Nouveau and toss in a little Deco, grab that Edwardian-esque set of earrings and contrast it with a dark chain necklace.  Blur the lines of yesterday and today… and where better to go than a one-stop shop over in Cambridge!

~Kim, Manager, Second Time Around Harvard Square