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The Grammys: Get the Look

To pick a “best-dressed” from the Grammys has always seemed like an overly ambitious decision to make.  So many stars, so many designers, so many styles who could possibly pick one (or ten) favorites? But from all the looks, there was one that stood out to inspire a unique addition to our wardrobes.  The look we can’t wait to embrace was inspired by none other than the sensational Katy Perry.  Katy’s unique Valentino dress on the red carpet (the dress that opened Valentino’s spring 2014 show in Paris) and her stunning ice blue gown for the after party had one thing in common - tulle.

A tulle skirt is definitely the easiest way to incorporate this fairytale fabric.  While the texture itself is whimsical and bold, we like the look of pairing it with a toned down piece like denim or a sweater.  For a more versatile approach, a tulle top is great for layering!  Make it the top layer over a camisole, or the bottom layer under a sweater or jacket.  But wait, it gets better.  Tulle is a great option for this time of year, where it’s no longer the cozy holidays, but not yet springtime sunshine.  Tulle’s elegant flair hints at the remnants of winter, while its femininity calls for the beauty of springtime.

We can’t wait to try incorporate a touch of tulle to our looks!  Thanks Katy Perry for the inspiration, I hope we can rock it as well as you do!

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Heatwave Hairstyles for Summer

Summer is a great time for experimenting with fun, bright new fashion trends. As the temperature gets hotter, I look for new means to work a sundress or a pair of cutoffs—and also to experiment with ways to tame my thick, long brown hair as the humidity takes its toll. I know I’m not the only one with heat wave hair struggles, so hopefully these new summer hair trends will help us rock flawless summer looks from hair to toe.

The first and most flexible hairstyle to rock this summer is an old standby: braids! But I’m not talking Pippi Longstocking pigtails—there’s so much more. The fishtail braid is a fun and easy style to try; I like pulling all of my hair to the side in a low pony and braiding it all into a fishtail. One of the greatest parts of a fishtail braid is that it looks great even when it’s a little messy, so it really takes no effort. Another great braid to try is a braid crown. For those who are a little more experienced in braiding, this style is definitely one to try. You can either braid part of your hair into a crown, or try your whole head of hair for a bohemian updo.

For those who want something a little simpler, don’t be afraid to play around with different buns! The topknot has been a favorite in fashion for a few years now, and it isn’t going anywhere. Take it to the next level by trying a topknot sock bun—the sock bun will add extra volume to your limp summer locks, and is the perfect look to take from day to night. For a gentler, more tousled look, try a loose bun at the nape of your neck. It’ll add some glamour to your look.

Finally, when it truly is too hot to deal with anything, you can always resort to a big floppy hat. It’ll hide your frizzies, protect your face from the sun, and requires no time or practice!

~Alyssa, fashioniSTA

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Clinique’s Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector

Let’s face it; we all are guilty of mistreating our skin from time to time. Whether you used tanning booths in college or have a tendency to poke and prod blemishes instead of just leaving them alone, we are all guilty of subjecting our skin to potential damage. The results of this damage often appear as dark spots due to the extra melanin that is produced at areas of trauma.

Wishing you could turn back time and erase those dark spots? Well, now you can!

Clinique’s Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector is a fragrance free skin cream that can be used by all ethnicities and even by people with the most sensitive of skin. Visible improvements should be noticed in as little as 4 weeks and major improvements should be noticed in 12 weeks. Best of all, it lacks the harsh chemicals that many prescriptive creams contain, but will produce comparable results without the Doctor’s visit or the discomfort.

All of the reviews on corroborated the claims made by Clinique and sounded very positive. As a result, I recently purchased some for myself at Sephora. I haven’t been using it long enough to see a change in my complexion, but it is a gentle face lotion that is moisturizing without being greasy.

So far, so good…but I will keep you informed…

~Marisa, Director of Styling, Second Time Around

A new nail trend for spring!

Nails - and their manicures and pedicures - have been at the forefront of beauty trends for the last few years. First, deep, dark nails came on the scene, then fluorescent nails and finally matte nails. All are attention-grabbing and unique and certainly add another level of fashion and style to one’s outfit.

The new nail trend for the Spring is no different.

Textured nails are the next big thing in nail trends. Nails on celebrities and models alike are boasting thick layers of three-dimensional sparkle or appliqué gems.

Get this look for yourself by selecting a clear nail polish with sparkles within it. Apply this gloss directly to your nails or on top of your favorite polish shade. Try one coat to test out the trend or load on the layers for a more dramatic effect.

Curious where to find this look? Check out Sephora by OPI’s “Modern Flower” collection. I recently purchased “It’s Bouquet with Me” which is a clear polish with metallic, iridescent and multi-color sparkles. It looks fabulous on its own or over any of the other trendy colors in my polish collection.

What a fun new beauty trick for Spring!

~Marisa, Director of Styling, Second Time Around