If you’re sick of winter, well you’re not alone. Since we’re all pretty much itching for spring one way or another, we at STA would like to get you one step closer. We’d like to help you welcome a new season with a clean, fresh closet. For the next four weeks, the FashioniSTAs will walk you through an expert closet clean-out to ensure that you end up with your own dream closet. Just think about looking in your closet every morning and knowing exactly what killer outfit to wear. Got goosebumps?
We’ll walk you through an easy plan that will break down the steps for you and help you achieve the perfect wardrobe construction in the simplest way possible. Each week we will give you a step to complete, and by the end of the four weeks, your closet will be perfection and you won’t even recall putting in very much effort. Not all of us can hire California Closets to do a total makeover, this is about working with what you have to create your perfect wardrobe. We’ll also sprinkle in some FashioniSTA fun to keep it enjoyable – that’s what fashion is all about! So sit back as we take you through your closet, one fabulous step at a time.
Why do a closet clean sweep? Good question. This is a skill that we believe every fashioniSTA should be armed with when taking the style world by storm. By the end of the program, we can help you:
- Find forgotten treasures in your closet, these could be the keys to your best outfits!
- De-clutter and simplify to make your mornings much easier (who doesn’t like the idea of getting more sleep and looking fabulous?)
- Create your own picture-perfect wardrobe where you love each and every piece you own.

Week 1
Step 1. Answer honestly: How long has it been since your last closet clean-out?
Eyeball your closet and determined just how full it actually is. If you clean it out on a regular basis, you probably have less than 30 items that you’d be looking to consign. However, if you never clean out your closet or you have transformed recently – like losing a bunch of weight – you might be able to predict a larger consignment. Having this information will help you in the next step!

Step 2. Second Time Around starts accepting spring consignment items February 7th (today!), so this is the perfect week to make a spring appointment. If you’re looking to follow us along this program, aim to make your appointment sometime after the next three weeks. Should your closet require a little additional TLC, you can always give yourself more time. If you happen to be a lean, mean cleaning machine and you can pretty much clean out your closet in your sleep, you can always move up your consignment date.

What to expect next time:
We’ll walk you through your closet in a couple easy steps, and help you get on your way to a tip-top, ready-for-spring wardrobe!

~The FashioniSTAs