Winter 2010-11

STA Celebrates School Vacation Week with a Special!

Spend school vacation week at STA!

From February 20th-24th, we’re treating moms – and kids – to a rewarding shopping experience. Mention the “School Vacation” special at check-out and receive an additional 10% off your entire purchase.

And we didn’t forget the kids! We’ll be handing out stickers and candy to the kiddy shoppers, making sure both moms and their little ones leave STA with a smile.

Participating Locations:

Second Time Around
Atrium Mall
300 Boylston Street
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467
(617) 928-0100

Second Time Around
937 Great Plain Ave
Needham, MA 02492
(781) 444-5116 ‎

Second Time Around
1169 Walnut Street
Newton, MA 02461
(617) 964-4481 ‎

Second Time Around
67 Union Street
Newton Centre, MA 02459
(617) 630-1700

Second Time Around
574 Washington Street
Wellesley, MA 02482
(781) 283-5880 ‎

Second Time Around
11 East Palisade Ave
Englewood, NJ 07631
(201) 567-2960 ‎

Second Time Around
610 Washington St
Hoboken, NJ 07030
(201) 420-0009

Second Time Around
6 Greenwich Ave
Greenwich, CT 06830
(203) 422-2808 ‎

Second Time Around
977 Farmington Ave
West Hartford, CT 06107
(860) 233-8650

Second Time Around
135 Post Road East
Westport, CT 06880
(203) 557-3733 ‎

Shopping Olympics: Midnight Madness

Sure, you’re a great shopper, you know how to spot a bargain and whatnot, but are you ready for the sale of all sales? This Thursday and Friday, February 8th-9th, all Second Time Around locations will participate in the shopping main event: 70% Midnight Madness. So figure out when your store’s sale is (by clicking here), and grab your teammates or prepare for a solo event with our guide to the olympics of shopping.

Step 1: Training
A few days before the big event, quickly drop into a couple of the stores close to you, just to get a general feel for the merchandise. This isn’t a shopping trip, but more of a scoping trip. Check the general layout so that you’ll be prepared on the big day, and take note of certain big-ticket items that you might like to get a first look at as soon as the doors open on sale day. You can also check out to see if they have a large selection of certain items. For example, one store might have a surplus of denim, while another store is filled with boots. This could help you decide which store to devote the most time to come game time. If you’ll be shopping with a partner, you can divide up the store visits to cover the most territory in the least amount of time.
If you can’t make it into any of the stores, you can scope the Facebook pages of the locations closest to you. Generally you’ll be able to see which locations are highlighting high-end items that could interest you, such as an array of shoes in your size. Knowing this type of style intel will put you on top of your game for the main event.

Step 2: Game Plan
Once you’ve gotten an idea of what’s in store during the sale, it’s time to create a focused game plan. A great shopping trip relies first and foremost on an understanding of the team’s budget. Having a specific idea of how much you can spend is great, but just in case you can’t break down the financials of how much you can spend on shoes versus what you can spend on work dresses, keeping a general idea of budgetary constraints is fine.
Once you know what budget range you’re allowed to play in, it’s time to come up with a few key shopping plays. This consists of knowing what you’re shopping for and what you’re willing to spend to win. Calculate categories of items you’d like to score, whether it’s more jeans, work shirts, or bigger ticket items like fine jewelry or a new designer handbag. So let’s say you’re dying for more denim, but you’d also like to score a wallet if the price is right, and those are really the only two categories of items you’re looking for. Allot a price cap for each category, allowing yourself a little extra money put aside in case you walk by an incredible item that you have to have but didn’t think to include in your plan (or if you find a truly amazing piece that fits into one of your categories but is slightly higher than you expected).
Now for the plan of attack. Think about which items are on your list that will be the most desirable among your competition. If you’re this hypothetical jeans/wallet girl, the wallet would be this item, since there are usually so many jeans in a variety of sizes. Figure out which items that you want will go the quickest, and make your plan to hit that area of the store first. You would not be dramatic if you drew up a map of the store so you know how to navigate it.

Step 3: Suit Up
Perfecting your sale-shopping uniform is a key element to dominating the shopping field on game day. Wearing head-to-toe black spandex may sound extreme to sale rookies, but the veteran players know that this is crucial when fighting for the best deals. Nothing holds you back in the game like an extended trip inside the fitting room, so cut down on your time by pairing leggings with a fitted, spandex top to help you easily slip garments on and off. This is also a must for those items that require such pieces underneath them.

Step 4: Get In the Zone
There is nothing like that moment when you take your focus off the game for a split second, and you see one of your opponents walking away with the perfect pair of sunglasses or blazer that you’ve been searching for. Do not fall victim to a fashion fumble by keeping your eyes on the prize. Remember your game plan as you enter the store and zero in on the most targeted areas first. Come, see, conquer your style wishes.

Game on, FashioniSTAs!

Shopping My Way Through Boston, STA-Style

Confession. My name is Meredith. And I’m a shopaholic. An STA-aholic, to be exact. While I tell people I live in Boston to be closer to work and the Red Sox, the real reason why I live in Boston is to be close to some of STA’s best and beloved locations. Truth. Each location is like a different treasure chest. A fabulous fashion-filled treasure chest. Who needs pirate’s booty and gold coins when you have some of the amazing designer items I’ve snatched up.

Where: STA Charles Street
On a particularly gloomy day (rainy, gray skies, and my pad thai from an unnamed restaurant was dry and inedible), a ray of light shot down via STA. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the beloved brown leather case. Black logo. Center silver snap-button. My eyes darted over and there I found them. Classic black Ray Ban Wayfarers with a gradient lens. A staple for Audrey Hepburn, Tom Cruise, Mary-Kate Olsen – and me. A steal for only $59! My only wish? That there were more pairs – I would have bought them all!

Where: STA Burlington
My roots lay on the North Shore of Massachusetts, so it’s natural that I venture to STA Burlington from time to time.

Wedged between stores filled with the same trends, the same shoes and the same tired accessories, STA Burlington is a shining star in the middle of a suburban mall.By far the best part of STA Burlington? The oh-so Jackie O cream Chanel flats (right) with contrasting black cap toe that I found for under $100. These shoes top the must-have-gotta-have list for every sophisticate. Paired with a pair of skinny black pants, a black and white sailor striped top, and a baguette – any fashioniSTA can be perfectly prim and proper.

Where: STA Charles Street

My old copy of the original Preppy Handbook lists Burberry as one of the must-have, never fail brands for true preps. My mom (a self-proclaimed prep herself) taught me the same. “Burberry plaid was in style 20 years ago, and it will still be in style 20 years from now.” Her words rang in my ears as I spotted a pink Burberry plaid scarf (shown at right with blue companion scarf found later) at STA Beacon Hill for $79. The classic plaid print in 100% cashmere – and long enough to wrap twice around my neck! While I distain the imminent frigid New England winter, at least I know I can keep warm in style.

Where: STA 219 Newbury
Every fashioniSTA knows that shoe selection is no joke. Choos, Blahnik, YSL – so many choices, and only two feet! While I adore the Jimmy Choo’s edgy style, the timeless quality of Manolo Blahnik’s and the to-die-for platform pump in a pair of YSL Tributes, my heart bleeds red for Christian Louboutin.
Lucky for me (and my feet), with a tip from my best friend (fashioniSTA’s own Ashley), I found the most perfect pair of black suede Christian Louboutin platform pumps at STA. My ever-small foot (no joke, I’m a size 5.5) cozied up to the leather lining perfectly. Bells rang. Birds chirped. Forget Prince Charming, I found true love in my new shoes.
My love for my STA-found Louboutins grows everyday. A true fashioniSTA knows that there’s no wrong time for a killer pair of heels. I strut in them. I do laundry in them. I watch Gossip Girl in them (I swear I saw the same pair on Serena van der Woodsen!). And it all feels a little sweeter knowing that I found them at such an unbelievable price (under $250!) at such a fabulous store.

~Meredith, fashioniSTA/Super Shopper, Second Time Around

Anne Hathway and the Oscar Eight

The verdict may still be out as to whether or not Anne Hathaway was a good host, but no one can argue that Rachel Zoe is an incredible stylist. Anne Hathaway changed no less than 7 times last night, for a total of 8 show-stopping looks. The FashioniSTAs break it down, one quick change at a time!

1. Valentino Couture Red Gown Ashley’s Favorite Pick

Marisa: Classic Valentino red on the red carpet, escorted by Valentino Garavani himself. I don’t like red gowns very much because I am not a big “red” person, but it was hard to argue with this one.

Ashley: I LOVED this option when I saw it on camera. It was super elegant and the color was perfect on her skin (although the red nails were a little overkill), and it just screamed “Movie Star.” Then I saw it in photos, and I don’t know what flash some of these photogs are using, but they now have the uncanny ability to completely destroy dresses with one click.

Kim: The color looked stunning on her, but I felt the dress itself was predictable — just another fancy dress in a sea of fanciness.

2. Givenchy Grecian Studded Gown Leslie’s Favorite Pick

Marisa: Givenchy can really do no wrong this awards season - Florence Welch at the Grammys, Cate Blanchett at the Oscars - and this silver embellished Grecian gown is no different.

Ashley: It was hard picking a favorite because this one was so spectacular as well. The detail was incredible, and even with her skin being so fair, she pulled this dress off beautifully.

Leslie: Rachel Zoe proved that she knows her stuff by putting Anne in 8 wardrobe changes, truly spectacular on Rachel’s part and Anne carried them all well. But this one was my all time favorite, as soon as walked out she show-stopped the place.

Kim: This dress was so gorgeous.  Very royal, very appropriate for the moment.

3. Custom Lanvin TuxMarisa’s Favorite Pick

Marisa: This was my absolute favorite Anne Hathaway moment of last night. Not only was the outfit made custom for her by Alber Elbaz himself, but it was paired with dedazzled Brian Atwood pumps and a Brigitte Bardot-inspired ponytail. In the words of Zoe herself, I die.

Ashley: The overall look of this ensemble was genius. It worked with the number that she performed, and the pumps were incredible. It was the perfect way to infuse some life into the evening!

Kim: I wasn’t sold on Hathaway’s charm until she busted out this little number, coupled with a song-and-dance routine.  Who knew that girl had pipes?  Seriously, my heart melts from her cuteness every time I even see a picture of this outfit.

 4. Vivienne Westwood

Marisa: I am on the fence here. The gown had potential, but I got distracted by the large necklace and drag-queen hair…

Ashley: This one was the only atrocious look out of the pack. The hair, the necklace, the dress, the whole look was so overdone and it ended up looking like a costume rather than couture. Unless she’s playing Mother Ginger in an off-season performance of The Nutcracker, she should have lost this look.

Kim: I liked the dress, but I’m with Marisa on this one — the hair and the necklace just ruined it.  The slight deconstruction of the dress needed to be paired with a more wild look, so the polish up top was poorly matched.

5. Oscar de la Renta Fringed Dress – Kim’s Favorite Pick

Marisa: This dress was both fabulous and fun. Even Anne couldn’t resist twirling about on stage to make the fringe float.

Ashley: Gorgeous. This was everything an Oscar dress should symbolize: drama and energy. I’m loving the whole ’70s trend that’s coming back, and this was the perfect example of this style done right. I’ll throw it over to Kim to sum up this look, I have a feeling she might like this one…

Kim: Out… Of…  The…  Ballpark.  YES YES YES, Hathaway!  Lots of fringe is seldom done right, and she struck gold with this one.



6. Armani Privé Cobalt Dress

Marisa: “Fierce” is the word that comes to mind. The color was out-of-this-world and the structured silhouette was futuristic, yet somehow it still looked classic and elegant. Giorgio Armani has still got it!!

Ashley: As a closet superfan of Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, I love anything with a futuristic flair. This color was also a great nod to the upcoming Spring brights, and Armani has continued to wow this awards season (minus the misstep with Reese Witherspoon at this show).

Kim: The color was fabulous!  I could have done without the shine, and I’m just not a big fan of that shoulder line, but I really enjoyed seeing Hathaway bust out the bold colors, and this dress is one of them.

7. Atelier Versace Burgundy Gown

Marisa: Donatella certainly knows how to make a show-stopper. The intricate, body-hugging banding details and subtle shimmer made it sexy, but the color kept it regal and classy. Love.

Ashley: The structure of this dress was so intricate, and the color was a great shade against Anne’s fair skin. This was a great choice for the host, it really popped on stage, but if it had been photographed on the carpet, the detail might have gotten lost, and the color would have clashed with the carpet.

Kim: I love the hue and the detail of the dress, but you could really only see it up close.  From a distance, it was just another big dress.  The color, in my opinion, was the only saving grace of this piece.

8. Tom Ford Sheer, Bedazzled Gown

Marisa: This was an interesting choice by Zoe and I loved it. This long-sleeved, high-neck dress was still “Tom Ford-sexy” and had a bit of a vampy edge to it. It was also one of the only examples of his first women’s collection at the Oscars.

Ashley: This was my least favorite, and probably the most unflattering option. This would probably have worked better if it was super short and Anne Hathaway was debuting her short program for the Women’s Figure Skating portion of the Olympics.

Kim: This just seemed SO matronly on her.  I thought she was supposed to represent a more YOUNG and HIP version of the Oscars?


FashioniSTA File: Oscars 2011

The biggest awards show is without a doubt the Oscars, and this ceremony brought out some of the best outfits of the year!  In comparison to last year’s gala, we noticed a lot more poise and polish.  Last year was a mixed bag of prints and ruffles and experimental fashion, and this year was a definite return to the glitz and glamour that is expected at such a show. We break it down from the gowns to the jewels, FashioniSTA style!

Big Time Jewels

We know that the first thing that catches your eye is the dress, but this year’s show brought out such a wide variety of shiny accessories, that we just can’t ignore them. Hailee Steinfeld’s Fred Leighton’s diamond headband was an adorable addition to her youthful, ballerina-esque ensemble. Céline Dion’s Bulgari pendant was stunning, and an exquisite addition to her streamlined gown. These jewels saved some of the outfit disasters that hit the red carpet, such as Nicole Kidman’s gorgeous Fred Leighton necklace (right) that offset her poor Dior gown choice.

But some jewelry choices were just plain distracting. Amy Adams in Cartier should fire her stylist, that necklace is not meant for that neckline, and the cuff is jewel overkill.  And wait until we get to Reese Witherspoon, her emerald earrings are just the tip of the iceberg.

Mismatched Hair Choices

One bizarre trend this season was horribly underdone hairstyles paired with fabulous dresses.  Sharon Stone looked great in John Galliano for Christian Dior, but what was going on on top of her head? She had a serious bubble with out of control wisps.  Amy Adams tried hard to channel Veronica Lake, but she was in some serious need of conditioner and the choice was all wrong for that L’Wren Scott dress of hers.  And poor Sandra Bullock just can’t seem to get a break at the salon – her Vera Wang dress was out of sight, but it looked like someone just grabbed chunks of her hair and pinned them at random.  I feel like this is how my hair looks when I’m at the spa.  But for Reese Witherspoon (right), she had the exact opposite problem – wonderful ponytail fall, but paired with the earrings and the outdated dress, it was too much.  If she lost the earrings and paired the hair with a different dress, like Hailee Steinfeld’s Marchesa, for example, and Witherspoon would have been too adorable for words.

The FashioniSTA Picks


Best Dressed: Cate Blanchett (right) in Givenchy Couture was breathtaking. It was everything that a red-carpet gown should be - unique and on the cutting edge of fashion yet wearable so that the actress was still the focus. Her earrings were small so as not to distract from the beautiful beading on her shoulders and chest and her hair was soft and simple - a perfect match. I loved everything about this dress - the color, the beading, the cut-out, the draping - but what really made it a show-stopper was the way in which Cate wore it. She can handle an edgy dress with ease - an Oscar-worthy red carpet moment indeed!

Worst Dressed: Thank God Melissa Leo won the Oscar for best Actress in a Supporting Role so that there was something to focus on other than that atrocious Marc Bouwer dress. The heavy-handed lace, the gold foil lining, the high collar, the structured shoulder, the spider-beetle necklace (what in the world??!!)…there was WAY too much going on and none of it was flattering. I loved her in the Fighter, but I hated her in that dress.

On the Fence: Gwyneth Paltrow looked absolutely stunning in the metallic column dress by Calvin Klein Collection. It fit her to a T, her hair matched it perfectly and the way it moved…incredible. However, I was totally put off by the jeweled brooch at her hip and matching earrings. The brooch at her hip totally distracted from the clean, statuesque lines of the dress and I thought that the multi-colored stones on the jewelry were too much. Her stylist could have definitely introduced an additional color to the ensemble, but just one color would have been best. I am thinking big emeralds…

Rookie of the Year: Hailey Steinfeld’s tea-length Marchesa dress was the perfect choice for this young star. It was appropriate for the occasion and most importantly, it was appropriate for her age. She looked like a princess and I am sure that she felt like one too. The makeup was clean and simple - subtle liner and mascara and a pink lip - and the silver headband and ballerina bun kept it youthful and fun. I hope that she had a fabulous time!

Biggest ComebackSharon Stone has ended up on Worst-Dressed Lists more often than Best-Dressed Lists of late. However, she redeemed herself last night. The form-fitting black dress with feather embellishments was both classic and of-the-moment all at the same time. But, the feathers and the asymmetrical neckline placed Stone directly in line with the current trends. Her clutch was simple and added some additional texture and her hair was in a classic French twist, but with some added height for drama. I may have preferred if her makeup artist didn’t have such a heavy hand with the eyeliner (it makes her look a little crazy and, let’s be honest, Sharon Stone doesn’t need any help looking crazy…), but other than that, it was a red-carpet A+!!


Best Dressed: Anne Hathaway in Valentino Couture, before the flash photography got a hold of her. It was the epitome of timeless elegance when I saw it on the red carpet coverage, and it makes me very sad that the photographs ruin it. Cate Blanchett’s allusion to my fave holiday - Easter - was also a breath of fresh air. Fashion-foward that works.

Worst Dressed: Florence Welch (right). Looking like what I’d imagine the wife in the attic in Jane Eyre, I’m borderline shocked that Valentino would let this loose on the red carpet. But then again, they also designed that daisy disaster that Michelle Williams wore to the Golden Globes.

On the Fence: Mandy Moore in Monique Lhuillier. I loved the gold sparkles with the illusion detail, but something about this felt wrong. Between the color of the dress, her skin tone, her makeup, and her hair, she just looked washed out, and a little old.

Biggest Comeback: Celine Dion in Armani Privé. Although she’s never been a worst-dressed offender, I can’t recall the last time I saw her on a red carpet. She made her big comeback in the best way possible, by wearing a killer dress (she had twins recently?!) and paying homage to her last Oscar appearance with her “Heart of the Ocean”-esque pendant.

Rookie of the Year: My girl crush on Selena Gomez grows every time I see her on the red carpet. Although she wasn’t part of the Oscars until the Vanity Fair after party, she looked AMAZING in a red Dolce and Gabbana gown. Her hair, makeup and accessories were the perfect complements to the dress, her overall look was just stunning.


Best Dressed: Halle Berry (right) in Marchesa. She looked radiant in a nude strapless crystal corset gown. It had has silk tulle ruffles that made it look like she was floating on a cloud. Halle Berry never disappoints me and this dress proves it.

Worst Dressed: Scarlett Johansson in Dolce and Gabbana. The purple doily looking ensemble was terrible, I personally think she’s beautiful all the time but that gown did nothing for her and her figure.

On the Fence: Amy Adams in L’Wren Scott. The royal blue sequin gown was to dieeeeeeee for but the accessories through me for a loop. Granted they were Cartier but the emerald green necklace and bracelet on blue??? No idea what she was thinking but none the less she was wearing a spectacular dress.

Rookie of the Year: Hailee Steinfeld in Marchesa. Truly a pretty little ballerina moment. I thought it worked really well for being that she’s fourteen, it was modest and a great approach to the Oscars. I’m sure we’ll see more of her in the future.


Best Dressed: Matthew McConaughey’s better half Camila Alves (right) in Kaufman Franco… I know, I know, not exactly who you would expect, but that dress was JUST TOO GOOD.  The Oscars are all about polish, and that Camila was the essence of sleek.  Same could be said for Jennifer Hudson in Atelier Versace.  Execution?  FLAWLESS.

Worst Dressed:  My biggest “ugh” of the night went to Mark Ruffalo’s wife, Sunrise Coigney in Jean Paul Gaultier.  What…was…that?!  Oh, and Reese Witherspoon?  I think I saw your dress when I was perusing the Cosmo Prom Issue back in 1996…only then it was made by Zum Zum and not Armani Privé.

On the Fence: Cate Blanchett in Givenchy…in the end, I liked it, but it just seemed a little too “walking art” for me.  Jennifer Lawrence donned a Calvin Klein sheath, and she looked jaw-dropping sexy.  But for the Oscars?  It felt a little too casual.

Biggest Comeback: Sandra Bullock in Vera Wang.  That dress was so gorgeous on her, and if you recall the walking nightmare that was her Golden Globes outift, I think we can all agree that Bullock is back on track.

Rookie of the Year: Hailee Steinfeld — at 14 years old, she drew that design, brought it to Marchesa, and they made it for her.  Rookie?  Welcome to the Big Leagues!

Stay tuned for bigger and better things from the FashioniSTAs!!

The FashioniSTAs Debrief After Winter’s Biggest Sale!

Hello fellow fashioniSTAs! We are all in mourning over Second Time Around’s 70% off sale being over, but we have great new purchases to keep us happy until the next one! This year was extra special since we had extra time to soak in all of the deals with the extended Presidents’ Day sale, which obviously means we were able to grab up even more amazing finds. Since none of us want to keep quiet about the treasures we’ve found, we want to let you in on the secret and give you a peek of what you could be carrying out next time! We break down the sale for you and show you our greatest finds, as well as offer tips and insider secrets on the best places and ways to score big for all of you elite bargain hunters.


Best Deal: A See by Chloe top from our Thompson St. store in Soho, NYC. How did I shop there you ask, when I live in Boston?? Well, I had seen the top a few weeks prior to the sale when I was in NYC for work, but decided to pass it up since it was new with tags and a little more than I wanted to spend. When the sale rolled around, I remembered the top and called in the off chance that it was still there….AND IT WAS!! The lovely ladies at the Thompson St. store happily sold me the top (at 70% off ½ of the original retail price!!!) and put it in the mail to me that day. The next day I arrived at home after a long day of work to find the beautiful orangey-pink, royal blue and black print top waiting for me in a box on my doorstep. Fashion dreams do come true!

Favorite Sale Store: 176 Newbury St. Not only is this our largest store – but aside from the Newton location – this is our oldest store and thus, it has the highest turnover of merchandise, meaning that there is always an AMAZING selection of fabulous one-of-a-kind finds to choose from. Also, this is the store that hired me almost seven years ago, so it has a special place in my fashion heart.

Insider Tip: During the 70% off Winter Sale, I always dig through the denim racks for a pair of great, worn-in jeans that I can cut into shorts for the summer. If I spend $10 or $15 on a pair of designer denim, then I don’t care about chopping the legs off and that way, I get the great fit in the tush that only premium jeans can give.


Best Purchase: A pair of black Bvlgari sunglasses with the signature silver circles on the arms for under $30! I had been looking for a pair of black sunglasses, and these fit perfectly and are a classic shape so I’ll wear them forever. Another check on my style dream list. And with the additional 70% off, who can beat that?

Favorite Sale Store: Atrium Mall in Chestnut Hill. Not only is the store spacious and well-organized, but I have found so many great pieces there. They have an amazing consignor base, and I can always find really fantastic, high-end investment pieces there, as well as trendier items.

Insider Tip: Use this opportunity to try something new. It’s great when you can find things that match the wardrobe that you already have, but this is the perfect time to try a new trend. It could turn out to look incredible on you, and become a new staple in your wardrobe, but if you decide that you only want it for a season or two, you barely spent anything on it. I found a sheer, black Barneys Co-op top for under $10 at Atrium, and this was a great buy since I was interested in trying the sheer trend, but didn’t want to drop a ton of money on it.


Best Deal: I didn’t get to buy anything on the 70% off sale that’s worth mentioning, but I did buy a Louis Vuitton speedy bag for the Presidents’ Day sale at 30% off. This luxury staple piece (which retails at over $700) was priced at $299 in the store, and I snagged it for $209 with the weekend sale!

Favorite Sale Store: 176 Newbury, not only because its my second home, but I find it to be my very own walking closet. I know every product by name price and consignor. I live, breathe and eat 176. I love all the merchandise we get from casual HM, preppy Ralph Lauren or classic pieces by Chanel. Its so good it hurts sometimes, but that’s love :)

Insider Tip: Regardless, sale or not, we process new merchandise everyday. It’s worth checking out each day of the sale, you’ll never know when an LV speedy comes your way!


Best Purchase: I pieced together a super-fancy outfit just in time for Valentine’s Day this year with a black Vera Wang Lavender Label dress with a bejeweled neckline and J. Crew earrings (right). I wish for the life of me I could remember what the price points were, but I’m pretty sure that I paid only about $20 for the dress.  $20!!!  I felt like such a glamazon and my boyfriend told me that I really looked like a woman.  What a compliment!!   

Favorite Sale Store: HARVARD (yeah!), but I made out like a bandit at 324 Newbury St!

Insider Tip: I do love my store (HVD), but I honestly don’t let much sit on the shelves for too long if I really want it.  I have been burned too many times watching that <name the item> walk out under the arm of another customer.  My shopping advice?  Snag it while you can!!  Give yourself enough time to really think about your purchase, especially if it’s a biggie, but if you LOVE it, don’t hesitate!  Great merch moves soooo fast during these sales.  Blink and that piece you’ve been coveting will be gone!

Also note that I got all of my key pieces on the LAST DAY of the sale — not all of the good stuff disappears on the first day! If you can’t make it on Day 1, try again!  I’m a big fan of pieces that require a little “thinking outside of the box” in regards to styling options, so things that may appear picked over to one person can be a GOLD MINE for someone like me!

We’re dying to know how you all did during the extravaganza of deals, so let us know about them on Twitter (@STA_FashioniSTA) or Facebook (Second Time Around - Resale Goes Upscale), and we’ll feature you on our pages! You will also be entered to win a $50 gift card to use at any STA location!

FashioniSTA File: Grammy Awards 2011

The FashioniSTAs are taking on the Grammy Awards! For the most extreme awards show of the season, we don’t expect anything less than rock star perfection. Ride along with us as we break down who we thought rocked the red carpet like a catwalk, and who looked like a cat attacked her outfit.

Double Take

Showing up on the red carpet in the same dress as someone else is a fashion nightmare. But showing up in practically something that someone else has worn is almost as bad. Julianne Hough – who may or may not be the most gorgeous girl on the face of this planet – wore a printed Catherine Malandrino dress, the exact one that Lea Michele wore to last year’s SAG Awards. The resemblance wasn’t crystal clear at first, since Lea’s was an emerald green and Julianne’s was a pastel print. However, this cut of this dress is so stunning, that we’re not surprised that more than one person wanted to get in on it. Who wore it better? This is a toss-up, Julianne looked like a breath of summertime air in February, but in photos, the solid color of Lea Michele’s seemed to work better.

We also had déjà vu when we saw Kim Kardashian in a bronze, draped Kaufman Franco. Flashback to Jennifer Lopez at the Golden Globes in 2009, and you’d swear that they were both wearing that Marchesa dress. While Kim’s hair and makeup were bombshell-worthy, the chunky heel didn’t work well with the dress – which may or may not have been a little tight. Who wore it better? That better be hypothetical, because in this race, J. Lo is queen.

Speaking of metallic numbers, is it just us or did everyone and their mother wear a gold, sparkly dress? Between Kim Kardashian, Leanne Rimes in Reem Acra, and Heidi Klum in Julien McDonald, there was enough gold to stimulate the US economy. Throw in Selena Gomez in J. Mendel, and you almost need sunglasses. Putting Leann’s personal life aside, Heidi Klum still trumps the country singer with her ‘70s-inspired gown, which looked like it flowed against her body. But Selena puts up quite the fight, making her almost unanimously the best-dressed rookie at this show.

We Sound Off on the Outrageous

The Grammys wouldn’t be complete without a couple of looks that could double as Halloween costumes (and we all thought Julie Bowen’s SAG pantsuit was a fashion risk). Here are the top four ladies that brought the bizarre, and our fashion verdicts:

1. Nicki Minaj – There is so much going on here, between the head-to-toe Givenchy leopard and the Bride of Frankenstein wig, we’ll say this, she’s never boring. But at an awards show where anything can happen, this is the place to work the extreme.

Verdict: Fierce, meow! But next time, lose the wig.

2. Katy Perry – Her Armani Privé ensemble, which apparently featured some of the most expensive material money can buy, gave us Katy on fashion steroids. Known for her sequined sweetheart busts, the angel wings really brought it to the edge.

Verdict: You are not a Victoria’s Secret Angel, save this for your next costume party.

3. Rihanna – This white Jean Paul Gaultier made her look alarmingly sweet for being practically naked.

Verdict: Hung jury. Half of us think she looked fashion forward and fab, the other half want to flush her toilet-paper-inspired dress.

4. Lady Gaga – The most outrageous entrance award definitely goes to her. But when the egg opened, the outfit underneath was a little…blah. You know Lady Gaga’s running out of ensembles when she has to resort to a cocoon entrance.

Verdict: Keep the whole embryo entrance if you want, but birth yourself a new outfit idea.


The FashioniSTA Picks


Best Dressed: This was a tough one for me because – to be honest – I wasn’t blown away by anyone. At least not in a good way… However, if you were to twist my arm, I will give “Best Dressed” to Ciara. Her Emilio Pucci dress was a gorgeous combination of colors for her skin tone – royal blue and shocking white – and the fit was perfection even though it had an intricate cut-out top. Additionally, her accessories and make-up were spot on.

Worst Dressed:  Rihanna – hands down. I was really excited to see what she would wear because her fashion choices are always bold and exciting. But then she showed up wrapped in white tinsel… The dress was allegedly by Jean Paul Gaultier, but I am pretty sure there is a picture of my sister and I decorating the Christmas tree from when I was 6, where I am dressed in the same attire. Only I looked better because I was wearing clothes underneath it. Yikes.

On the Fence: I really wanted to like Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine’s Givenchy dress, but the fit was atrocious. The dress was incredibly unique and the pale nude tones complimented her pale skin and red hair perfectly, but the bust was too big and – as a result – the look was incredibly unflattering. I give her ( and her stylist) an A+ for effort, but an F for execution. All that it needed was a trip to the tailor! And I bet Givenchy would have been happy to do it for free since it would have made their dress look a million times better…

Rookie of the Year: Selena Gomez looked beautiful! The J. Mendel dress was simple; yet elegant, the metallic silver-ish, gold color was perfect for an awards show, the cut was sexy, but not vulgar (perfect for her age) and the accessories were right on. Well done! If she dresses like that every time she walks a red carpet, then she has a bright future ahead of her!


Best Dressed: Katy Perry’s grandmother in Armani Privée. Age-appropriate and bedazzled? Nailed it!  If pressed, Heidi Klum in Julien McDonald could be considered a runner-up (the gold, ’70s draping was incredible on her), but this supermodel has nothing on 90-year-old fabulous.

Worst Dressed: Miley Cyrus in Roberto Cavalli. Not only is this dress too old for her, but it didn’t fit her properly, which was evident when viewing her top region from the side. The hair is also completely inappropriate, but at least it covered up the potential wardrobe malfunction in the chest area.

On the Fence: Nicole Kidman in Jean Paul Gaultier. If she had worn this to any of the other award shows that she attended this year, it would have looked fantastic. But it’s a little too Hollywood glamorous, which doesn’t necessarily work at the Grammys. However, her hair made me want to be a better person.

Rookie of the Year: I have the biggest girl crush on Selena Gomez, so I was over the moon that she showed up looking amazing. Everything about this look is perfect, and I thought I couldn’t love her any more.


Best Dressed: Justin Beiber, DIBS! Sorry ladies I’m the youngest one out of the bunch he’s all mine.  I wasn’t impressed with anyone at the Grammys, once I saw Justin Beiber he reminded me Justin Timberlake, looks aside, fashion wise. I loved the white Dolce and Gabbana suit with a black bow tie and handkerchief and fresh pair of white sneakers. I thought it was trendy, chic, and a right choice for the youngster. Now only if he would marry me in a few years…sigh.

Worst Dressed: Paramore’s Hayley Williams in a Jeremy Scott black sheer pink tutu ensemble, Epic fail. Her fire engine red hair doesn’t help either. It was sheer on her belly which made it look trashy and I could see her ugly tattoo through the opaque tights.

On the Fence: Florence Welch in Givenchy Haute Couture swan gown. She brought back Bjork infamous dress back from the dead on a lighter note it looked a lot better on Florence than Bjork. I thought it was pretty but it through me off a little. I wasn’t sure if the swan print is really needed maybe if it was a white print be rather than a swan maybe it would appeal to me better. Again, on the fence.

Rookie Winner: Selena Gomez in a gold metallic J. Mendel Dress. It fit her to a T, I thought she looked fantastic I’ve always been 50-50 with her and the choices she makes at shows but she wowed me, and I think it’s also age appropriate.


Best Dressed: Julianne Hough in Maladrino — the textures were so complimentary (the print, the cut, the ruffles, the colors) and she looked absolutely radiant.  I also really liked Nicole Kidman in Jean Paul Gaul Gaultier — she was widely panned for this ensemble, but I think the colors were incredible on her and it was a really nice change to see her this year in something soft rather than severe.  I was also taken aback by Margaret Cho — the cut was actually flattering, and the color allowed her tattoos to be her accessories, and she ended up looking classy rather than trashy.

Worst DressedAleesia — you know it’s bad when the Jersey Shore stars are better dressed than you.  Lea Michele also fumbled in Emilio Pucci — so fierce, and I don’t mean that in a Tyra Banks kind of way.  Runners-Up include Bonnie McKee, Hayley Williams, Willow Smith, and Ricky Martin. Red Carpet Cringes!

On the FenceJenna Ushkowitz in Pamela Dennis.  This could have gone so very wrong, and I can’t decide if this is one of those times or if it actually works.  Esperanza Spalding also took a huge risk with an outfit that had waaaaaaay too much going on… but it definitely grew on me!  Same for Eva Longoria in Ashi — a lotta ruffle, a lotta leg.  But in the end… not too shabby??

Rookie of the Year:  I don’t even know who this Paz lady is (I had to look her up) but I haven’t seen her in any standout red carpet galleries before this.  I thought perhaps the color was a bit too washout for all that white going on below (i.e. her legs), but I love love love this dress, and those shoes!  Such a nice contrast against her long locks, too.  I give you a B for “Breakout Attire.”

Check back with us as we go crazy for Oscar fashion! We’ll be bringing you our style predictions, so stay tuned!

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