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Summer Fashion Trends 2011

It is only the middle of May, but with this dreary weather, who isn’t ready for the summer heat and summer shopping?!

Sophisticated 70’s

It looks like the 70’s are back! High-waist pants and bell bottoms are coming back in. For a more sophisticated look, pair these pants with a neat, silk blouse. Add rings, bangles and pendants to your outfit for a 70’s boho look. To complement this 70’s look you may want to try a long flowing hairstyle, or be more daring in a sleek bob.

Ladylike 60’s

The 60’s are making a return this summer with a very classic, feminine look. The late 50’s, early 60’s featured a very ladylike,feminine style. The mid 60’s are when bright patterns and mini skirts came about. Longer, wider, more comfortable skits pair nicely with a floral top. Lightweight fabrics and light colors make for a cool and comfortable hippie chic outfit. Cat eye sunglasses are also very fashionable this season.

Biker Chic

Military chic is slowly fading out as the biker chic trend takes over. Retire your military jacket and invest in a classic motorcycle jacket. You can wear a motorcycle with just about anything, and you are guaranteed to make a statement. Try some leather pants with your jacket. A quilted-leather skirt is also very biker chic. Another statement piece for the motorcycle look is the biker boot – they shouldn’t be hard to come by in stores this season.

Sheer Maxi Dress

Since the maxi dress has now become a part of almost every woman’s wardrobe, why not make it sheer? Keep it classy, but go sheer!


Jumpsuits and playsuits are a popular trend this summer. Anything one-piece is in style. Several styles of one-pieces include overalls, evening, tailored, flowing, sporty, and basic. Jumpsuits come in various lengths that serve for different ways to wear them.

Crop Top

Hit the gym to get ready for the crop top trend! But don’t worry, not all crop tops are meant to show off your entire stomach - there are elegant crop tops that show only a little bit of your midriff with creative cutaway detailing.

Kitten Heel

Going along with the 60’s look, kitten heels are making a return. Although they are comfortable and complement a ladylike outfit, they are clearly not as sexy as other heels: “Kitten heels are like the ugly step-sister of the heel family.”  What do you think??


In contrast to the kitten heel, wooden clogs are popular this summer. The chunky awkward clogs are becoming increasingly popular. Maybe they aren’t as uncomfortable as we remember?

We refuse to let this weather get us down!  We would rather get ahead of ourselves and prep for the summer sun.  Until next time fashioniSTAs….

If The Shoe Fits, or Doesn’t

I don’t have any logical explanation for why so many of us buy things that don’t fit. I have been buying and trying to fit into size 6.5 shoes my whole adult life. I’m a true 7.

For years, I’ve suffered for fashion – squeezing toes into the too-tight tips of everything from Choos to Maddens. My rationale runs the gamut. Sometimes you find a pair of size 6s that are on sale and just “so fab” that you have to buy them. Sometimes the 6.5s just look a little cuter on your tootsies, and you convince yourself the 7s look like two canoes supporting your legs. But nothing, nothing, makes you feel better when you’re hobbling down the street with a foot cramp and one-too-many blisters. Nothing, that is, except for a band-aid.

My fall closet resolution is buying shoes that fit. When you try them on at the store, take a hike. Literally. Walk around the store, add in a pair of socks, sit down, stand up, and be honest with yourself. Do they really fit? Often times you’ll be between sizes. If reasonable, go up a half size. Add in a gel pad to remove any excess space. Another trick: trust the feel, not the size. If you’re buying new, leather shoes, remember that them feeling “snug” is different from them feeling “tight.” Shoes that snugly fit your feet will stretch as you break them in, but if you cannot move your toes, consider them too small. Keep this in mind when buying consignment shoes, if they have been worn multiple times before, they probably won’t stretch anymore.

Too many of us get hung up on fitting into a certain size but each brand fits uniquely. Some run small and others run large, so make sure to trust the way your feet feel, not the number on the label. I promise, your feet will thank you for it in the end.

I’m on the hunt this fall for a pair of clogs – something like the dreamy Tory Burch Brayden sling-back (right) and a pair of stylin’ sneakers for the weekend. I’m going to change my ways and buy a size 7. Heck, maybe if they run small, I’ll even buy a 7.5. Lucky for you, I’ll be turning in my 36.5 Juicy Couture red suede ballet flats that I only wore once and Spanish-label, size 37, grey plastic flats that never even made it out the front door. Here’s hoping they fit!

~Mariel A. MacNaughton, Consigner/Buyer Extraordinaire, Second Time Around