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Summer Fashion Trends 2011

It is only the middle of May, but with this dreary weather, who isn’t ready for the summer heat and summer shopping?!

Sophisticated 70’s

It looks like the 70’s are back! High-waist pants and bell bottoms are coming back in. For a more sophisticated look, pair these pants with a neat, silk blouse. Add rings, bangles and pendants to your outfit for a 70’s boho look. To complement this 70’s look you may want to try a long flowing hairstyle, or be more daring in a sleek bob.

Ladylike 60’s

The 60’s are making a return this summer with a very classic, feminine look. The late 50’s, early 60’s featured a very ladylike,feminine style. The mid 60’s are when bright patterns and mini skirts came about. Longer, wider, more comfortable skits pair nicely with a floral top. Lightweight fabrics and light colors make for a cool and comfortable hippie chic outfit. Cat eye sunglasses are also very fashionable this season.

Biker Chic

Military chic is slowly fading out as the biker chic trend takes over. Retire your military jacket and invest in a classic motorcycle jacket. You can wear a motorcycle with just about anything, and you are guaranteed to make a statement. Try some leather pants with your jacket. A quilted-leather skirt is also very biker chic. Another statement piece for the motorcycle look is the biker boot – they shouldn’t be hard to come by in stores this season.

Sheer Maxi Dress

Since the maxi dress has now become a part of almost every woman’s wardrobe, why not make it sheer? Keep it classy, but go sheer!


Jumpsuits and playsuits are a popular trend this summer. Anything one-piece is in style. Several styles of one-pieces include overalls, evening, tailored, flowing, sporty, and basic. Jumpsuits come in various lengths that serve for different ways to wear them.

Crop Top

Hit the gym to get ready for the crop top trend! But don’t worry, not all crop tops are meant to show off your entire stomach - there are elegant crop tops that show only a little bit of your midriff with creative cutaway detailing.

Kitten Heel

Going along with the 60’s look, kitten heels are making a return. Although they are comfortable and complement a ladylike outfit, they are clearly not as sexy as other heels: “Kitten heels are like the ugly step-sister of the heel family.”  What do you think??


In contrast to the kitten heel, wooden clogs are popular this summer. The chunky awkward clogs are becoming increasingly popular. Maybe they aren’t as uncomfortable as we remember?

We refuse to let this weather get us down!  We would rather get ahead of ourselves and prep for the summer sun.  Until next time fashioniSTAs….

Biker Chic is back for Spring

The biker chic look was one of Second Time Around’s favorite fall trends. We love it not only for its new and distinctive silhouette, but also for its ability to make the wearer feel different. Toss on a pair of skinnies, a motorcycle boot and a black leather jacket and you instantly feel tough, bad-ass and ready to conquer the world. It was for these reasons that we were relieved to see that the look is back for Spring 2010.

Balmain 2010

Of course, the look has been translated in new and different ways. Instead of just the basic black; leather jackets in pale grays, nudes and even shades of white were seen on the Spring 2010 runways. Furthermore, leather was used to make everything from t-shirts to skirts and even to shorts, allowing these elements to be used both within and outside of the trend.

The two designers that explored this trend to the fullest were Christophe Decarnin of Balmain and Nicholas Ghesquiere of Balenciaga.

Balmain was all about the attitude of the trend. Their collection was full of slinky, second-skin leather pants, ripped denim, barely-there dresses in shiny leather or gold lame, olive fatigues and shredded boyfriend tees. Decarnin definitely knows how to dress a woman like a bad-ass – and a sexy one at that.

Balenciaga 2010

Balenciaga’s collection was more about the sport element of the trend. Perhaps the best way to describe it is to say that while Decarnin’s woman would ride a Harley, Ghesquiere’s woman would ride a Ducati. Models stomped the runway in

textured leather skinny pants, hooded, strong-shouldered leather vests, tanks and dresses with vivid racing stripes and decorative zippers and sandals cum boots with lace-up ankle covers. It was a colorful and Spring-time biker chic if ever we saw one.

So, rest assured that your leather jacket and motorcycle boots will still be in demand come the spring. Simply consider adding a neon-striped tank or shredded tee under it. Or if you haven’t invested in a jacket yet, try a pale grey one (this color will take you into next winter if the trend continues past the spring) or a leather vest.

Need help building the full outfit or don’t want to spend a fortune trying the look out? Head into your local Second Time Around for some fabulous fashion advice and apparel and accessories at prices that won’t break the bank!  

~Marisa, Director of Styling, Second TIme Around