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What We’re Loving: Birkenstocks

I know it’s a little late in the season, but I must profess my newfound love for Birkenstocks. Yes, you read that correctly. In the beginning of the summer, I started to see a lot of bloggers wearing them with their usual effortlessly fashionable garbs. I didn’t think that this kind of sandal was for me, so I stuck with my basic black flip flops. Then, I started to notice Birkenstocks more and more. I especially noticed that a lot of people wear them to commute on the train. I then decided that I needed a pair and I needed them now.

I purchased a pair of Madrid Birkenstocks in White (one strap sandal). I was SO excited to start wearing these on my commute back and forth from work. Right when I got them, I started wearing them for an extended amount of time.

Please, break them in BEFORE you start trekking in around in them. I just thought that since the brand is known for comfort that there would be no “breaking in” involved. Maybe others have had a different experience with them, but I definitely had to break them in before I wore them regularly and for longer distances. You should have seen my torn up feet, but that is a blog post in itself.

Sorry about the rant. I just wanted to forewarn you before you suffered the same fate. Anyways, I LOVE the look of my Birkenstocks with absolutely everything. It is the perfect way to may a look more casual/carefree/effortless without even trying. Who doesn’t love that? I’ve especially have been wearing my Birkenstocks with sun dresses and skirts. The more of an unexpected combination, the better!

How do you feel about Birkenstocks? Love them or hate them? Let us know how you feel in the comments below!

~Taylor, fashioniSTA intern

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What We’re Wearing: Tunics

I stumbled upon a poll the other day that surveyed what women wear to the beach. The options consisted of a sarong, maxi dress, romper, and tunic. I hadn’t thought of wearing a tunic to the beach before. I always thought it was more for casual wear. I then thought about it and a tunic would transition amazingly from the beach to walking the boardwalk. It’s also a great way to protect yourself from the sun when you feel like you’re getting burned.

There are so many styles of tunics to choose from too. I often opt for a more loose fitting tunic, but I absolutely love the look of a more structured one. Tory Burch has had an amazing selection of tunics for both the summer and fall (can you believe it!). See here and here.

Depending on the length of the tunic, you can get away with wearing it as a dress in the summer. If it is too short to wear as a dress, throw a skirt or pair of shorts on underneath. Try playing with patterns too! If the top has a print of a larger scale, pair with a piece with a pattern of a smaller scare and vice versa.

On cooler days, a tunic is a great transitioning piece. Add tights and a pair of booties or skip the tights and wear thigh high boots to keep your legs warm. I love the look of tunics paired with cuffed jeans too. I personally do lighter jeans during the day and darker ones come night. Who of thought a tunic was an all year round piece?

How do you wear your tunics? Let us know in the comment section below!

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It’s Time to Splurge

“[Fast] Fashions fade, style [and classics are] eternal.”

We’ve taken Yves Saint Laurent’s famous quote and made it our own. With this (edited) quote being said, we have rounded up the investment pieces that should/need to be in your closet ASAP. These pieces don’t necessarily have to be expensive (as in taking out a loan to afford), but you should definitely spend a little more money on them to ensure that they last you a long time.

Timeless Trench

The perfect transitioning piece. It is the easiest way to look effortlessly chic and pulled together without really having to try.

Tailored Blazer

Pair with cropped dress pants for the office or a loose fitting T for a cool, casual look.


Need I say more?

Heavenly Handbag

A handbag fit your lifestlye will last you until it is worn to the ground.

Professional Watch

Basic or flashy. You decide.

What pieces do you plan to splurge on? Or are there pieces that you think should have made our list? Let us know in the comment section below!

~Taylor, fashioniSTA intern

Photo Credit: Trench Coat; Blazer; Handbag; LBD; Watch

What We’re Wearing to a Girls’ Night Out

Happy Friday! In honor of our Girls’ Night Out event that took place at all STA locations last night, we wanted to spice things up with what we love to wear when we go out for a night on the town with our girlfriends. I always look forward to a GNO to not only catch up with my friends, but to bring out something a little more sexy than my usual 9-5 garb. Here is where my new obsession comes into play… The Crop Top!

It is effortlessly sexy and cool. What else could a fashioniSTA want from such a simple top? I’ve seen these babies paired with almost everything. I have to say that this kind of top serves perfectly at night when you’re trying to show just a little extra skin, but without going overboard. I have to say that I personally love a crop top paired with a high waisted skirt or pants.

What I also love about a crop top is that it shows the smallest part of you… your waist! Just that little sliver of skin will make you feel that much more confident and you’ll be dancing the night away.

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How To: Fashionably Survive a Heat Wave

What’s a girl to do in hot times like these? Well, I have firsthand experience with what works and what doesn’t work in this weather. I dread this time of year. Obviously, I love the summer and all of the sun and fun it offers, BUT the heat waves do NOTHING for my hair/skin/commute in and out of the city… I feel gross going into work and even gross[er] coming home. Sweat isn’t attractive and I’m actually getting quite sick of feeling sticky all of the time. I figured all of us ladies are! So, I give you ‘How To: Fashionably Survive a Heat Wave.’

Palazzo Pants

Essentially, these are pajama pants that you can wear to work. They are THAT comfortable. Without saying, these are effortlessly cool, while keeping you cool. These are the only pants I will wear right now because of the easy breezy fabrics. I’ll be honest with you though, it took me awhile to find the right pair. Just like everything else, finding the perfect fit and cut is key. So, if you find a pair you love, grab them! Also, the louder the print, the better. It’s so fun for the summer. Your future hot (in temperature) self will be thanking you later when you’re waiting for the bus in 90 degree weather.

Oversized Kimonos

I have so many tops that are spaghetti straps, but my office (unfortunately) does not allow us to wear those kinds of straps. I will usually commute into work just wearing bare shoulders, but then when I get into the office, I’ll throw on a chambray top or a scarf. To take a look to the next level, throw a lightweight kimono over your outfit. The floral print ones are my favorite. I have been seeing a lot of fringe on them too, which I love. It definitely gives more of a laid back vibe. A great way to emulate what summer is all about.

Extravagant Accessories

Most of my summer wardrobe that is temperature sensible is pretty much neutral in color. I feel as though these pieces are meant to work well with others and get wear into many more months throughout the year. This being said, having amazing jewelry and accessories will help to vamp up your summer wardrobe without even trying. I have worn the same outfit, but with different accessories and felt like it gives it a whole new feel. I also feel more comfortable throwing my hair up into a bun when I have a sick pair of ear cuffs on.

How do you stay fashionably cool during the summer? Sound off below!

~Taylor, fashioniSTA

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What We’re Loving: Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are my go-to (more often than not). They are perfect for a casual day at the office when paired with a blazer and a great pair of loafers. Transitioning from day-to-night when wearing boyfriend jeans is a a piece of cake too. Throw on a sparkly blouse and over the top heels and you have yourself a look to take to cocktails after the 9-5 grind. Don’t even get me started on how amazing boyfriend jeans are on the weekends. Forget about your basic, black leggings! It’s as if these jeans were made for [presentable] lazy days. Pair them with a cute sweatshirt and converse sneakers. That’s what you’ll see me in come Saturday and Sunday.

There are a lot of ways your can style boyfriend jeans too. I prefer cuffing/rolling the bottom to show my ankles and (most importantly) my shoes. I usually wear a great pair of booties or sandals to really let them shine. Have a great belt? Tuck part of your shirt (loosely) into the front of your jeans. I love this trick. It makes the look feel effortless and carefree. With that being said, a looser fitting T is usually what I look for to pair with a jean like this. Last but not least… Taking your boyfriend jeans for a night on the town? Dress them way up with a multi-tier necklace, leather jacket, and a top knot! Believe me, styled or not, boyfriend jeans will amp up your cool girl style.

How do you style your boyfriend jeans? Sound off in the comments below!

~Taylor, fashioniSTA intern

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Backyard BBQs & Park Picnics

Ah, Memorial Day is here again. It’s time to break out your traditional recipes for the bash of your choosing (I’m sure you have had plenty of invites, now you just got to commit to one… maybe two). I’m getting full just thinking about all of the goodies that await, but what I really can’t wait for is to really bust out my spring staples after a long, cold winter. Here’s the roundup for creating the perfect look, so you don’t feel as bad while you’re stuffing your face.


Keys – Check! Phone – Check! Sunglasses… I always forget them when I’m leaving the house. I’m always sorry too because sunglasses give you instant glam. No makeup required. What a sweet relief! Also, it’ll keep you from squinting while playing horseshoes. You gotta be on your a-game, girl!


Failed attempt at tousled bed head looking more like a hot mess than a sexy mane? This go-to summer staple is a day saver without breaking a sweat. Actually… If you do break a sweat, a fedora will cover up the frizz and flyways. Everyone wins!

Skirts & Dresses

Once it’s warm, you will rarely find me wearing pants. I just feel like I have to take advantage of the season! Slip a dress on and you’re good to go! Maxi dresses and skirts – same thing! So easy to throw on and look effortless without even trying (which is funny because you shouldn’t have to try to look effortless ;) ).


When attending any sort of an event that will be taking place on grass, you got to wear wedges. Heels will sink into the grass. No one wants to fall flat on their face in front of a whole party, do they? Keep the stilettos at home and grab a part of funky wedges to really get the party started!

Tell us below – What are your Memorial Day plans? And lets cut to the chase – What are you going to wear?

~Taylor, fashioniSTA intern

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Festival Style Essentials

If you didn’t already know, festival season is amongst us! From Refinery29 to Who What Wear, everyone is talking about festival style. My feed has exploded over the past couple of weeks and it has definitely inspired me. I’ve been busy taking notes for you guys. Don’t worry if you aren’t attending a festival, its all about dressing carefree this spring!

Easy Dresses

Who doesn’t love being able to throw on a dress and go? You have yourself a look without even really trying and that feels pretty amazing. Make it your own by adding a wide-brim hat, chambray jacket, and/or fridge boots - whatever you like! That’s what is awesome about a great dress – long or short. You can style it in so many different ways to make it edgy or girly, whichever your style.

Oversized Blouses

I need to get this off of my chest and say that I am an oversized blouse hoarder… They are just perfect/addicting and great for any occasion. Tuck the front into a long skirt or over jean shorts. Heck, just skip the pants and wear it as a tunic, like some of the ladies above. It’s carefree dressing, after all. I just wouldn’t recommend wearing something like this in front of the big boss…

Matching Separates

I love, love, love matching separates, especially crop tops! These are perfect for taking on a trip because you can wear them together or separately. Take a look at the girl in the photo all the way to the right. Her look is hands down my festival style inspiration. Then, there’s the girl in the bottom left hand photo who looks like she took two pieces from different matching separates set and paired them together. Genius, no?

Denim Shorts

Can’t forget about the good old denim shorts! These are my best friends in the summer. Take an oversized blouse or the crop top from your matching separates set and you have yourself a Coachella approved look! You can thank us later. Wear booties or sandals to finish off the look.

Oh, and don’t forget your hand made flower crown and aztec tribal paint!

Have something to share? Leave it in the comments below!

~ Taylor, fashioniSTA

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Show Us Your #FashioniSTAfind

At Second Time Around, we never know what will walk through our doors. Consignment is all about the thrill of the unexpected fashion find. Each of our stores post the latest items onto social media not only for our followers, but to show off the amazing pieces that came into their stores. We love seeing how excited our customers get when they find an item that they want to give a second life to, but what bums us out is that we don’t get to see what happens to these special pieces when they leave our stores.

So, that being said… We want to see YOUR fashion finds from Second Time Around. We want to see how you styled your finds and made them your own. Using the hashtag #fashioniSTAfind, tag us in your photos or tweets via Instagram and/or Twitter for a chance to be featured by STA!

This week we are featuring blogger Megan Jedlinski of Stylish & Scatterbrained. The name of Megan’s blog is totally relatable to anyone who feels like they’re alway running around, but still has time to look put together through stylish pieces and accessories. She knows how to style with unexpected pieces, which I love! Take a look at how she mixes floral print with her leopard Steve Madden pumps she got at STA. She also wears the same pumps with neon yellow. I honestly would have never thought to pair the two, but clearly it works! Don’t even get me started on her Kas New York romper (also a STA find). I don’t do rompers, but this look makes me want to reconsider. Thanks for sharing, Megan!

Can’t wait to see more looks from our fashioniSTAs!

~ Taylor, fashioniSTA intern

Life Hacks: Closet Organization

If you have a walk in closet, I beyond envy you. Whether you have a huge walk in or a teeny tiny closet (like me), everyone can use some pointers about getting themselves and their closets organized.

Merchandise your Clothing by Type

You might be thinking that this is my OCD kicking in, but in all seriousness categorizing your clothing makes your closet the easiest to navigate. In my closet, I have dresses all together and hung all the way on the left. Same goes for jackets. They are all together and hung all the way on the right. I fill in the middle with all year round pieces, like tops and pants. When I am looking for a certain piece, I know exactly where it is. This is extremely helpful in a time crunch. If you’re looking for pants to go with a top, all of your options are categorized together and in front of you.

Invest in Matching Hangers

First off, get rid of your metal hangers from the dry cleaners! They are okay to hold your clothes for a short amount of time, but when in your closet, they misshape the fabric in the shoulders. Invest in matching hangers. This will add a little bit of luxe to your closet and give it a cohesive look. I personally like velvet hangers. They are nonslip, so you don’t have to worry about finding your favorite dress on the floor of your closet next year.

Keep Shoes Visible

Before I made my (not-so-mini) shoe collection visible, I had them stored in a bin at the bottom of my closet. I was wearing the same heals and flats over and over because I couldn’t see all of my options laid out before me. I am definitely a grab-and-go kind of gal, especially in the morning before I out. Just think of the missed opportunities, people!

I have always wanted to make a shoe display on a bare wall from floating shelves. So cool, but I don’t have the space to do it where I am living now. In this case, build onto your existing closet. Have an upper shelf already built into your closet? Add to that! I bought a ClosetMaid organizer to put on top of my existing shelf. It gave me an additional two shelves to put shoes onto, while keeping them organized. Another good tip is to stagger your shoes (right toe out, left toe in). This maximizes space. I know for a fact that you’ll be amazed at how many options you have for footwear now when you’re heading out of the house.

Organize Handbags by Color

If you haven’t already noticed, I am usually running out of the door. I wouldn’t call myself late, but I am definitely one to rush. Organizing your handbags by color makes it easier to grab on the go. Again, I am sure you find yourself wearing the same bag over and over (just like the shoes before) because you don’t have time to change it in accordance to your outfit. Get your handbags out and on display. My favorite handbag is on my headboard because I love it so much. I always go to that one for a night out or a special occasion.

Have any organization tips? Leave them in the comment section, below!

~ Taylor, fashioniSTA

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