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A Thing or Two on Transitioning into Spring

It’s that time of year again where one day it is 80 and the next is 50 (this week is a PRIME example of this). Most days, the morning commute leads to a warmer, afternoon lunch break. Throw in some (random) on and off rain showers and you have yourself the most unpredictable season… There you are, Spring! We could never forget about you. The transition into to spring is a tough one, but it is even harder on your wardrobe. Don’t let the this ever changing season intimidate you, but let it inspire you! We rounded up our go-tos for transitioning into Spring!

The Timeless Trench Coat

A true investment piece. Outwear has never looked so polished. This makes for the perfect outerwear piece for commuting. Heavy enough for the chill in the morning, but light enough to throw into your tote bag when the sun starts to heat things up. I love a beige trench coat, but the pastels I have been seeing are definitely getting my attention!

Slightly Sheer Tights

Spring is the season to take your tights game to the next level. With the days constantly changing, your tights can do the same from opaque to sheer to everything in between. I love designs on sheer tights, like small hearts or faux stockings. It adds that extra bit of warmth and oomph to any outfit.

The Chic Motorcycle Jacket

A no brainer. The perfect piece to wear from day-to-night with no hassle. Classic enough for work, but edgy enough for Happy Hour. Dress up and down too! Most definitely t-shirt approved. Who doesn’t like to feel a little badass every once in a while?

No Boyfriend Needed Jeans

Hands down, favorite fashion trend/staple EVER! So comfortable and easy. Probably the most versatile and laid back jean out there. Who’d have known that stealing your ex’s jeans would have paid off this well?

How do you tackle The Spring Transition? Sound off in the comments below!

~ Taylor, fashioniSTA

In Like A Lion, Out Like A Lamb

Finally! March is upon us and SPRING is just around the corner! Although summer will forever be my favorite season, spring has a special place in my heart too. There is so much excitement this time of year- changing over your wardrobe, traveling to warm destinations, and the days start to get longer! But it is no secret that March can be one of the most unpredictable months when it comes to the weather.  One minute we are all enjoying clear sunny skies, and the next minute it is down pouring. So to help you make it through this ever so unpredictable month, I have put together a March Style Survival Guide. These items are perfect to get you through the crazy wind and rain (and sometimes snow) that March brings. You will be armed to fight anything with these pieces in your wardrobe, and I promise that you will look stylish while doing so!

First off, rainboots are a must have! Although most of us would prefer to wear a cute pair of heels or flats, it isn’t worth ruining them by traipsing through puddles. Luckily there are so many cute rainboot choices out there, you will be glad to have a pair! My favorite are Hunter rainboots, preferably in a bold and bright hue.

Finding outerwear that is ideal for spring can be challenging. A jacket that is lightweight, water-resistant and has a removable liner is the best choice. The trenchcoat is a classic that will never fail you, and if you want to mix-up this timeless piece, you can purchase one in a fun color or print. However, if you wish to stay away from trenchcoats altogether, a cargo jacket is a fabulous alternative!

Umbrellas. Even though it can be a struggle to use one when the wind kicks up, there just isn’t a way to avoid owning one. And if you are going to own one, well… it might as well be cute! Bright colors and patterns will brighten up any dreary day!

Now earlier I preached about not traipsing through puddles unless you are wearing proper footwear (super cute rainboots). Realistically though, rainboots truly aren’t fit for the workplace. But who wants to lug around a second pair of shoes, right?  Well the good news is that flats are cuter than ever and they are so easy to transport! Seriously there are so many options… d’orsay flats, smoking loafers, ballerina flats. And, transitioning from rainboots to flats is completely hassle-free!

Okay, so I have covered outerwear, what shoes to wear, and how to protect your pretty hair; but what you wear with all of these things is just as important. Light layers is the key to dressing yourself in March! The sun might be out, but temps can sometimes stay pretty chilly. My favorite things to layer with this time of year are blazers, vests and sweaters in all different colors and patterns!

The final touch to any spring outfit are sunglasses of course! My only advice with this is to try on different styles to see what looks best with the shape of your face.  Classic aviators and Ray Bans are a great go-to, but don’t be afraid to try something bold!

March usually requires quite a bit of layering and you might not be able to ditch tights or cashmere right away. But, who says you can’t have fun with layering? Brighten up your outfits with a bold handbag or statement jewelry for a pop of color! Soon the sun will be here to stay!

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