In my recent on-line fashion blog-reading, I stumbled across two photos that caught my attention. They were of women wearing what I can only describe as “body jewelry.” My immediate reaction? I want this. Like yesterday.

Armor Jewelry from

The look is one part S&M, one part armor (hence the name of one of the jewelry designs that I found) and one part biker chic. Mix that together and what do you have? An incredibly fashion-forward, avant-garde and fresh take on jewelry. If you are bold enough to wear it, it will be an incredible way to transform simple outfits into extraordinary ones and an almost entirely new way to accessorize.

Of particular interest to me are the larger pieces which adorn one’s chest and/or upper back. But, the shoulder and arm pieces may be an easier way to test-drive the jewelry and are right on trend with the strong-shouldered look of the season.

The “Jane” from

I plan on placing my order at the moment that the next direct deposit hits my bank account. I dare you to try and stop me…

~Marisa, Director of Styling, Second Time Around