Because the word “sale” sends us into a magical frenzy, we have obviously checked out the Second Time Around 50% off sale and we’re back to debrief you before you embark on your own shopping mission. What kind of FashioniSTAs would we be if we blindly led you into a sale? Here are some great tips for maximizing the best STA has to offer, guaranteeing great finds that you’ll love for this season or the next one!

Go Basic - One of the best things about this sale is that you can kill about 800 birds with one stone, one of them being picking up basics that we all seem to always need. STA has a new line of basics, now half off (now $4-9) during the sale! The foundation of any good wardrobe is a strong selection of basic pieces: tanks, leggings, t-shirts, etc. Another perk? You can try them on with some of the steals you find to get the full effect of the outfit. Also, if you forget to wear comfortable clothing, you can pick up a tank and a pair of leggings to shop in, you know you’ll need them later.

Make friends with the salespeople - Even if you dress for success in comfortable, shopping clothes, you still have to worry about your handbag and coat. Befriend the ladies at the register and they can always hold on to your coat, purse, other shopping bags, what have you — your shopping focus should be on what you’re wearing now and what you WANT to wear! You’ll also be able to become buddies with them easier at either the beginning of the day or nearer to closing, basically just avoiding the lunch rush. Not only will you be able to have the racks all to yourself, but you’ll have the attention of the shopgals and you can buddy up to create some amazing ensembles!

Be on the lookout for boutique items – STA loves to deliver upscale pieces to our customers, so the company has made a point to befriend some of the best boutiques across the country. These partnerships are great news for any bargain style-seeker, because this means that we can snag some great boutique deals and give them right to you. What’s better than that? Oh yeah, these amazing pieces at an additional 50% off during the sale!

Shop other seasons too – Let’s say that you happen to have too many winter clothes already (although we’ve never met anyone like that) and you really can’t justify shopping for more. You’re still in luck as long as you know what to look for. Here’s a tip: look for multi-seasonal items to still snag a discount. When people think of spring and summer, usually flowy, floral dresses come to mind, but don’t get blindsided by the urge to shop seasonal stereotypes. There are some pieces that you’re going to want for these seasons that a lot of people don’t realize until it’s too late. For the transition from winter to spring, look for short-sleeved sweaters and cardigans, along with silk skirts that you can wear with tights now and with bare legs come the warmer weather. These will ensure that you don’t resort to the same three cardigans and t-shirts as you try to navigate the temperamental weather in the early spring.

Then there are the staples that don’t have a specific season: sunglasses, denim, leather totes, jewelry. STA also has their own line of jewelry, also included in the sale! Finally, there are the occasional Spring/Summer pieces that people generally consign throughout the year: white denim, open-toed designer shoes, tanks. These staples are key to maximizing your wardrobe potential, and you can definitely start your hunt for them now.

Check out the specialized racks and mannequins – When you’re on a shopping mission, it’s easy to go straight for the obvious racks. But to truly make the most of your sale excursion, don’t neglect the “Staff Picks” rack, as well as the others that are usually located in the middle of the floor. One of these racks could have that perfect cocktail dress in your size that you couldn’t find on the wall rack, or that great blazer that you’ve been hunting for. Also, don’t be afraid to ask one of the salespeople to try on an outfit that one of the mannequins is wearing. What can happen during sale shopping is that people glance over the mannequins to get to the racks, but sometimes the displays are where your perfect buy is just waiting for you. These are often great pieces that the store managers want to highlight, and if they can make a match with a customer, then everyone’s a winner!

Remember your Frequent Buyer Card* – This is the cherry on top of a perfect sale sundae. Have the salesperson swipe your card and you’ll be that much closer to the $10 gift card that you receive once you accumulate ten points. If you don’t have one, ask the person behind the counter, they can hook you up with one in a matter of minutes, and for every purchase you make over $10, you’ll get one point. Get ten, and you get a $10 gift card! Great deals and extra money for later, that’s a double style bonus!

Good luck, fellow fashioniSTAs! And check us out on Twitter @STA_FashioniSTA for how you can make even more of the sale, we’ve got more tips as well as a couple fabulous sale giveaways just for you!

~The FashioniSTAs

*Frequent Buyer Card cannot be used during the 70% off sale, but can still be used during the 50% off sale.