This Week… Our Consignors Get a 50/50 Split

Yes, you did read that correctly. This week, we are offering STA consignors a 50/50 split on all of their consigned items. We want you to bring down those designer duds that are just taking up space/collecting dust in your closet, so you can make some fast and easy cash! Or better yet, get a store credit to STA and buy something for all of your hard work. Hey, choosing what stays and what goes is a hard task that mustn’t go unrewarded.

Right now, (as much as we hate to have to) we are all preparing for colder weather. Our stores are looking to consign jackets across all price points. Barbour and Burberry are flying out of our stores (a no brainer). With a new-to-you jacket, a scarf to keep you even cozier is your next stop in our stores. We have had a huge increase in designer scarves coming into our stores, like Hermes, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton.

I am personally loving how many boots we are seeing walking right in and then quickly back out of our doors. I can’t even get my hands on our best designer shoes faster than our customers (good for you, but bad for me)! We have a wide range of price points to meet any fashioniSTAs budget. Same goes for jewelry. We see David Yurman, Tiffany and Co., and Hermes jewelry selling very quickly.

So if you have anything you want to make a quick buck on, bring it down to your closest STA location!

~Taylor, fashioniSTA

What We’re Loving for Fall: Leather Jackets

I’ve been on a serious hunt for the perfect leather jacket. I know that you can find one in most stores, but I want one that I can invest in and wear until the end of time. Back in the day, I bought myself a cheap (and I mean like $20 CHEAP) faux leather jacket on clearance at H&M. Don’t get me wrong, the cheap-y piece served me well during my college days due to only wearing it when party hoping during the colder weather. Who wants to wear a puffy jacket to a party? Plus, I tossed that thing around like nobody’s business. Let’s not mention how much beer that thing came into contact with.

Now that I’ve entered the workforce, I have found myself coveting jackets that not only keep you warm, but keep you looking cool (see what I did there?). I die every time I see a Saint Laurent signature motorcycle jacket. That is my definition of the perfect leather jacket, but (sigh) the $5K price tag snaps me back to reality.

This brought me to research potential options to explore for my next investment piece. The Wes Moto Jacket by Rebecca Minkoff in light pink with gunmetal hardware is so freakin’ cute and the price is pretty good for a designer leather jacket. Anna Kendrink and Kate Mara were both spotted in this jacket (at the same event – gasp!). Aimee Song of Song of Style has a red, embellished one I’m absolutely dying over.

Have a leather jacket you love? Share in the comments below!

~ Taylor, fashioniSTA intern
Photo Credit: She’s Got Style – Rebecca Minkoff

Fall Into These Must-Haves

Is it just me or did it go from hot to cold WAY too fast? Last week was warm and now I’m pretty close to freezing during my commute back and forth to work. I can’t believe that I’m saying this, but I have actually started looking for a new winter jacket – UGH. It’s only going to get colder, after all. Here are our must-have pieces to get yourself ready to take on fall.


Skinny. Patterned. Leather. You need as many as you can get. Personally, I start to get really bored of my denim half way through the winter. With a wider variety at your disposal, you’re less likely to get sick of your everyday jeans. This will also prevent you from trying to get away with a dress going into negative degree weather (I’ve seen it!). I actually just splurged on a pair of Joe’s Skinny Coated Jeans and I am OBSESSED. Well worth the extra money!


Like we saw on Oscar de la Renta’s runway this past SS15 runway, these boots are here to stay! Wear them with tights or over your jeans to add a luxe feel to any outfit. I love this type of boot, especially with no heel. It gives the entire look more of a casual feel. Check out this article, if you’re weary on how to sport this type of boot!

White Blazer

I’ve been seeing white blazers being worn more and more the past couple of days. It so office chic – I can’t stand it. A pair of black skinny dress pants, grey t-shirt, and a statement necklace paired with a white blazer? You’re ready ask you’re boss for a (well-deserved) raise!

What do you think of our Fall Must-Haves? Do you have any that you’re looking to wear soon? Sound off in the comments below!

~ Taylor, fashioniSTA intern

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What We’re Loving: NYFW SS15

It’s that time of year again. New York Fashion Week is in full swing and our favorite designers are showcasing their latest creations down the runway. Let’s cut to the chase, though. These are the collections that we’re coveting for Spring/Summer 2015.

Oscar de la Renta
Flirty, feminine, and totally fun. My ultra girly side can’t help but shine through for this collection.

Super tight skinnies paired with sexy thigh high lace up boots… Genius!

3.1 Phillip Lim
This new take on a hemline and cutouts – I want and I want now.

Marc by Marc Jacobs
I’m all about dressing up a faded T. Add a polka dot dress and I’m sold.

Are you loving what you’re seeing this NYFW? Personally, I can’t wait for next spring to rock these trends. I may even start a season early. Let us know what you think!

~Taylor, fashioniSTA intern

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Labor Day Essentials

This weekend is the American way of saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall. Whether you’re going away for the weekend or staying local, this is the time to dress to impress because it’s going to start getting cold faster than we all think. So, sit back and have a hot dog (or two). Here is what we’re wearing this Labor Day Weekend:

The saying goes “no white after Labor Day.” I don’t necessarily practice this nor do I think anyone should. If you’re into not wearing white after this weekend, get your little white dress out this weekend before you have to put it back into your closet for good.


We love that this trend is back! Pair them with a crop top and espadrilles. This look is casual and comfy for this laid back weekend. Overalls will also keep you warmer when the sun goes down.

High Waisted Shorts

The easiest way to go from a hot (end of) summer day into a chilly night. Grab a pair of shorts of any wash and pair with a summer top. Once it gets chilly, throw on an oversized sweat shirt or sweater to look effortlessly cool.

What are your plans for this Labor Day Weekend? Better yet, what are you wearing?

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Baby Got Back[Packs]

Hate to say it, but back to school is quickly approaching! That’s means that it’s time for all of the kiddos to go back to class. I take my computer everywhere, especially when I was in school. Cramming that and my books into an oversized tote bag and luging it onto one shoulder to walk to class (let’s face it) sucked. I finally settled for your typical, black North Face backpack. It saved my back, but definitely downgraded how I felt about my overall look. Who likes wearing a sundress with a big, black backpack? Not me!

I do wish that Chanel had sent their coveted, canvas graffiti backpack down their runway when I was in school. It would have made me feel so much cooler rocking a backpack. I shouldn’t give all of the credit to Chanel for an amazing backpack though. We have had gorgeous Louis Vuitton backpacks at our locations.

If you are looking to splurge on a designer backpack, consignment is an avenue that you will want to visit. At STA, we get designer handbags from new to vintage and everything in between. Also, I personally feel like I would want to spend a little less money on an item that will be thrown around and weighed down by my things. Besides, who doesn’t love an amazing find that costs way less than the retail price? WE DO!

So, what do you think about backpacks? Sound off below!

Photo Credit: Harper’s Bazaar

What We’re Loving: Birkenstocks

I know it’s a little late in the season, but I must profess my newfound love for Birkenstocks. Yes, you read that correctly. In the beginning of the summer, I started to see a lot of bloggers wearing them with their usual effortlessly fashionable garbs. I didn’t think that this kind of sandal was for me, so I stuck with my basic black flip flops. Then, I started to notice Birkenstocks more and more. I especially noticed that a lot of people wear them to commute on the train. I then decided that I needed a pair and I needed them now.

I purchased a pair of Madrid Birkenstocks in White (one strap sandal). I was SO excited to start wearing these on my commute back and forth from work. Right when I got them, I started wearing them for an extended amount of time.

Please, break them in BEFORE you start trekking in around in them. I just thought that since the brand is known for comfort that there would be no “breaking in” involved. Maybe others have had a different experience with them, but I definitely had to break them in before I wore them regularly and for longer distances. You should have seen my torn up feet, but that is a blog post in itself.

Sorry about the rant. I just wanted to forewarn you before you suffered the same fate. Anyways, I LOVE the look of my Birkenstocks with absolutely everything. It is the perfect way to may a look more casual/carefree/effortless without even trying. Who doesn’t love that? I’ve especially have been wearing my Birkenstocks with sun dresses and skirts. The more of an unexpected combination, the better!

How do you feel about Birkenstocks? Love them or hate them? Let us know how you feel in the comments below!

~Taylor, fashioniSTA intern

Photo Credit: WEWOREWHAT

What We’re Wearing: Tunics

I stumbled upon a poll the other day that surveyed what women wear to the beach. The options consisted of a sarong, maxi dress, romper, and tunic. I hadn’t thought of wearing a tunic to the beach before. I always thought it was more for casual wear. I then thought about it and a tunic would transition amazingly from the beach to walking the boardwalk. It’s also a great way to protect yourself from the sun when you feel like you’re getting burned.

There are so many styles of tunics to choose from too. I often opt for a more loose fitting tunic, but I absolutely love the look of a more structured one. Tory Burch has had an amazing selection of tunics for both the summer and fall (can you believe it!). See here and here.

Depending on the length of the tunic, you can get away with wearing it as a dress in the summer. If it is too short to wear as a dress, throw a skirt or pair of shorts on underneath. Try playing with patterns too! If the top has a print of a larger scale, pair with a piece with a pattern of a smaller scare and vice versa.

On cooler days, a tunic is a great transitioning piece. Add tights and a pair of booties or skip the tights and wear thigh high boots to keep your legs warm. I love the look of tunics paired with cuffed jeans too. I personally do lighter jeans during the day and darker ones come night. Who of thought a tunic was an all year round piece?

How do you wear your tunics? Let us know in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

It’s Time to Splurge

“[Fast] Fashions fade, style [and classics are] eternal.”

We’ve taken Yves Saint Laurent’s famous quote and made it our own. With this (edited) quote being said, we have rounded up the investment pieces that should/need to be in your closet ASAP. These pieces don’t necessarily have to be expensive (as in taking out a loan to afford), but you should definitely spend a little more money on them to ensure that they last you a long time.

Timeless Trench

The perfect transitioning piece. It is the easiest way to look effortlessly chic and pulled together without really having to try.

Tailored Blazer

Pair with cropped dress pants for the office or a loose fitting T for a cool, casual look.


Need I say more?

Heavenly Handbag

A handbag fit your lifestlye will last you until it is worn to the ground.

Professional Watch

Basic or flashy. You decide.

What pieces do you plan to splurge on? Or are there pieces that you think should have made our list? Let us know in the comment section below!

~Taylor, fashioniSTA intern

Photo Credit: Trench Coat; Blazer; Handbag; LBD; Watch

What We’re Wearing to a Girls’ Night Out

Happy Friday! In honor of our Girls’ Night Out event that took place at all STA locations last night, we wanted to spice things up with what we love to wear when we go out for a night on the town with our girlfriends. I always look forward to a GNO to not only catch up with my friends, but to bring out something a little more sexy than my usual 9-5 garb. Here is where my new obsession comes into play… The Crop Top!

It is effortlessly sexy and cool. What else could a fashioniSTA want from such a simple top? I’ve seen these babies paired with almost everything. I have to say that this kind of top serves perfectly at night when you’re trying to show just a little extra skin, but without going overboard. I have to say that I personally love a crop top paired with a high waisted skirt or pants.

What I also love about a crop top is that it shows the smallest part of you… your waist! Just that little sliver of skin will make you feel that much more confident and you’ll be dancing the night away.

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Photo Credit: Fashion Vibe