And the Oscar goes to… Neutral!

A week ago today, our favorite stars walked The Academy Awards’ red carpet in hopes of obtaining the ever coveted Oscar. Not only is this exciting in itself, but what designers the stars are going to wear keeps us on the tips of our toes. Believe it or not, this sets the pace for the color of the season. There was a whole lot of sparkle on the red carpet, but mostly (and successfully) in neutral tones. What’s great about neutral tones is that it allows the dress to be more intricate and interesting without being too overwhelming. Take Lupita Nyong’o’s show stopping Calvin Klein dress completely covered in pearls. If this dress was (let’s say) in red, it wouldn’t have been as impactful because it would have been distracting. Same goes for Lady Gaga and Zendaya’s frocks. The sleeves wouldn’t have been as sultry and interesting if it weren’t for dreamy white.

What do you think of a neutral color palette? Will you be sporting it come spring? Sound off in the comments!

~Taylor, fashioniSTA

Photo Credit: Yahoo Style

NYFW – Our Favorite Time of Year

“Every Year The Women Of New York Leave The Past Behind & Look Forward To The Future… This Is Known As Fashion Week…” – Carrie Bradshaw
Carrie said it best. It’s that time of year again where our favorite designers give us the future in fashion. New York Fashion Week is in full swing and I am loving what I’m seeing. Here are some of our favorites (thus far):

Prabal Gurung
Touches of fur and geometric embellishments paired with asymmetrical hemlines and midi shift dresses. Oversized sweaters and jackets over midi dresses and skirts. Sheer and lace ladylike suits. I could go on and on about this collection…


The more texture the better, I say. Feathers, fur, sequins, and leather. The mixing of these materials keep every single piece interesting. It is unbelievable how they come together so beautifully.

Oscar de la Renta

I love me some feminine Oscar de la Renta dresses, but the embroidered patterns on the skirt suits are TO DIE for. The perfectly placed fur trim couldn’t be anymore elegant and flirty.


Ultra feminine flapper. I absolutely love the movement from this collection. It makes you want to slide one of these garments on and twrill around like Daisy Buchanan herself. There is also the perfect balance of skin in all of these pieces. Sexy, but appropriate.

I’m a sucker for fur and fringe, so explains why I love these designers and collections. What are your favorites from this fashion week? Sound off in the comments below!

~Taylor, fashioniSTA

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Be Our Valentine?


We hear you loud and clear, girl. That’s why we’re spreading the love this Valentine’s Day with 10% off of featured new arrivals and sharing them on Instagram using the hashtag #spreadthelovesta.

Take a peek at our stores’ Instagram accounts and search the hashtag because there is a lot more where the items above came from. Who said you can’t treat yourself to a little love this V-Day? You know you want to. STA has got your back 100% and your wallet with thank us.

STA Store Photo Credit: Westford, Amsterdam, Philadelphia, Murray Hill, Chealsea, Greenwich, Wellesley, Philadelphia, 219 Newbury Street, South Miami

Get Out of a Winter Style Rut

During the winter, it’s hard to not want to wear over-sized sweaters and leggings day in and day out. I wish I could say that those basics are appropriate for all occasions, but sadly, they are not. I find myself reaching for the same sweaters and pants over and over again because I know that they are warm and comfortable, especially right now. We can all keep wishing for the summer to come, but there is another scary named storm heading our way and that isn’t an excuse to let your style fall by the wayside.

Blanket Scarves

Who doesn’t love an over-sized scarf? Just throw it over a basic long sleeve tee or on top of your winter jacket to keep you extra warm.

Fur (Real or Faux)

In every color and the fluffier the better. Fancy a vest over a jacket? Me too, but how chic does a jacket look? I need to keep an eye out for one that’s my style.

Colorful Jackets

I hate wearing dark colors in the winter. Just because it’s crappy out, doesn’t mean your color choices have to be. I wear mostly black and dark denim during the winter months, but then pair with an over the top blazer or bright t shirt.

How are you breaking out of your winter style rut?

~Taylor, fashioniSTA

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest

Just for You: Winter Jackets and Boots at STA

It isn’t getting any warmer! I’ve taken the liberty of rounding up some of my favorite jackets and boots available at some of our locations right now. We have a little of everything from limited edition designer pieces to everyday articles you can trudge through the snow with. See the best of the best below. You can thank me later.

Jackets – Brand & Location from Left to Right

Kule @ Murray Hill, Etro @ Brookline, BB Dakota @ South Miami, Gucci @ Brookline, Catonnier @ Haddonfield, NJ, Burberry Trench @ 176 Newbury

Boots – Brand & Location from Left to Right

Valentino @ Murray Hill, Stuart Weitzman @ Wicker Park, Gucci @ 176 Newbury, Sorel @ Greenwich, Ugg @ Westport

Want more information on the jackets and boots above? Click the link to the stores’ Facebook page and give them a call to place a phone order!

~Taylor, fashioniSTA intern

Arctic Blast Ain’t Got Nothing on You

Up until this past week, I would have said that we should consider ourselves lucky with how the weather had panned out. I was keeping my fingers crossed that we wouldn’t hear of another polar vortex this winter… This isn’t exactly a vortex, but the “Arctic Blast” is just as bad. Mentally preparing myself to leave the house for the early morning and then evening commute is probably worse than the actual cold. It is even so much harder to get dressed to cater to the freezing cold conditions. I don’t even want to think about what I’m going to wear tomorrow… But hey, I have a few go-tos for layering with ease.

A Button Up Underneath a Sweater
Right now, I am obsessed with putting flannel button ups underneath my wool sweaters. Extra warmth for both the commute and office (which tends to get chilly too). I try to stray away from black and grey palettes when I can, so I have been playing around with a purple and white flannel under a pink wool sweater. Makes me feel a little bit brighter and happier when the day feels gloomy.

A Pair of Skinny Jeans with an Oversized Sweater
An all time favorite of mine is a skinny leather jean with an oversized sweater. Add a scarf and biker boots to the mix. When a pant or denim is super skinny, I love to add tons of volume on top. Especially with leather, doing this doesn’t make it feel as though you’re trying too hard. Plus, who doesn’t love an oversized sweater? My closet is full of them and stocked for the winter.

Tights Paired with Knee High Socks

If you can’t bear the idea of retiring your dresses and skirts during the winter to solely wear pants, this is the pairing for you. Grab a thick pair of tights (hands down Uniqlo’s HEATTECH tights are the best) and a contrasting knee high socks. I personally love the look of black tights with grey socks with a pair of military style boots. It just makes the entire look both warmer and edgier.

What are you wearing out during the arctic blast? Let us know in the comments section below!

Stay warm, fashioniSTAs!

~Taylor, fashioniSTA intern

Photo Courtesy: Button Up – Lovely Pepa, Skinny Jeans – Elle Street Style, Knee High Socks – StyleCaster

A Fashionable New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year, fashioniSTA! Already, everyone keeps asking me what my New Year’s Resolution is. I don’t have traditional resolutions. More fashionable ones. Here are mine and how I’m going to practice them.

Shop Consignment – I’m not just saying that because I work for Second Time Around! I’m saying it because during times like these (especially right after the holidays), it helps to save a little money in anyway that you can. I hate cutting back on spending money and shopping and I’m sure a lot of people hate having to do it too. Shopping consignment helps intertwine the two. You don’t have to give up shopping designer brands because consignment is full of them for way less than retail. Our stores often times get items brand new, never worn. It’s just another way to shop without feeling the pressure of saving money.

Splurge on a Coveted Piece – I happened to fulfill this resolution before the 2015 New Year. I have always wanted a pair of Christian Louboutin, basic, red bottom, black pumps. I also wanted a shorter heel, so if I were to wear them to work or to an interview, I wouldn’t feel as though I was walking into a nightclub. Last week, I bought my first pair of Louboutins from the Second Time Around in Scarsdale, NY for $360 (with box and dust-bag included). I have been stalking all of the Second Time Around Instagram accounts for a pair of Louboutins in my size. The point of the story is that you just got to go for that piece you’ve had you’re eye on forever. Plus, if you’re going to wear it enough to justify the cost, it is worth the giddy moment you’ll uncontrollably feel when you finally get your Burberry Trench, David Yurman cable bracelet, or (like me) Louboutins.

Try Something New – Wear a lot of black? Try adding some colors and gradually moving towards outfits that contain no (that’s right, no) black. This applies to patterns too. Try wearing florals and stripes together! Crazy, I know. I use Pinterest and for inspiration all of the time when I’m feeling like my look is getting boring. Both of these sites show bloggers wearing the latest trends, but with their own take on it.

This resolution doesn’t just apply to fashion, though. Do something that you’ve always wanted to do.

What are your Fashionable New Year’s Resolutions?

Photo Credit: Shopping Second Time Around: Venture Travelist; Louboutins: Wendy’s Lookbook; Stripes & Floral: Blue Eyes And Auburn Hair.

‘Tis the Season to Sparkle

Let’s face it – The holiday season is hard to dress for and if we’re being honest here, it’s the time to bring your “A” game to whatever get together you’re going to. Most likely, you’re spending the holidays with your immediate family members AND extended family. You’ve also most likely haven’t seen them in awhile, so why wouldn’t you dress to impress? I mean, a great outfit will make you more confident when answering “No, I’m not dating anyone” and “Work is work” to your overly inquisitive Aunt and Uncle. I also try to dress for comfort because of traveling and eating.

Sequin Jacket with a T and Jeans

A pair of boy friend jeans are comfortable and roomy, so traveling won’t be a hassle and eating won’t be restricted. Hey, weight gain during this time is inevitable! On top of it, a t-shirt and boyfriend jeans will make a statement jacket a lot less dressy and way more casual.

Comfy Sweater with a Sequin Skirt

Again, a comfy or oversized sweater will travel great (no wrinkles) and allow you to eat without worry. The sequin skirt will dress the look up. Just remember to wear tights with it. Grandma will thank you.

Anything Red

And add sparkle using your personality! But hopefully our holidays don’t look like this!

What will you be wearing for the holidays? Comment below!

Happy Holidays, fashioniSTAs!

~ Taylor, fashioniSTA intern

Photo Credit: Kacie’s Kloset; Glitter Guide;

Not Your Typical Friday

While you’re crawling out of your Turkey induced coma, Black Friday is back and looking better than ever. Our favorite retailers are ready to take on the crowds of both in store and online shoppers. I personally stay as far away from the in store masses because most of the same deals can be found online (without having to tackle someone for it). My list for Black Friday has grown over the course of the past few weeks. Sorry, I’m not sorry that I’ll be buying some goodies for myself this year. Hey, my closet deserves a great deal too!

My first Black Friday goal is to replenish all of my basics. Boyfriend tees and long sleeve solid color shirts (black and white). These go perfectly under a blazer or on their own, which is why I need more versatile pieces like that in my closet. I hate wearing blouses when I don’t really have to.

I’ll also be keeping an eye out for a New Year’s Eve outfit. I’m sure I have something in my closet that I could put together for the last night of 2014, but that wouldn’t be as fun now would it? Sequins, sparkles, and feathers are a few of my favorite things.

Who could forget about accessories? The perfect category to use the old “one for you and one for me” approach. Gotta love it. Plus, who has ever said they have enough jewelry, shoes, scarves, etc? Exactly, no one.

What will you be scoping out this Black Friday?

~Taylor, fashioniSTA intern

Styled by…Venture Travelist

Photos courtesy of Venture Travelist, taken by The Social Stylist

Welcome to the first edition of our Styled by... series where we’ll be teaming up with our favorite local fashion gurus to bring you their amazing style tips and STA finds!  For our first Styled by…takeover we invited Regan, of the style and travel blog Venture Travelist,, to our 176 Newbury St. location in Boston to pull together her favorite pieces and dish on all things fashion just in time for the holiday season.  If you like what you see and want to shop more of Regan’s Styled by Venture Travelist picks, head to the store to shop her curated rack or order pieces right over the phone!

First off, let’s start with the fashion – how would you describe your personal style?
Laid-back chic, for sure. I err on the side of fun and comfortable, and I always like to add an unexpected twist — whether it be menswear, vintage jewelry, or even a groovy manicure.  My daily uniform consists of either a midi-skirt or skinny jeans, a t-shirt with a statement jacket or vest, and a great pair of sneakers.

What were your favorite STA finds?
Between a fabulous patterned 3.1 Phillip Lim sweater, an Isabel Marant embellished jacket and Rick Owens high tops, I was in statement piece heaven! This season I’m all about monochrome neutrals, clean lines, and finding that one stand-out item that is the centerpiece to your outfit. On the rack you’ll see a lot of great neutral knits, streamlined pants, structured skirts, and statement pieces

What was the inspiration behind the outfits you styled?
For the first two looks, I really wanted something that embodied the weekend warrior. Whether you’re suiting up for brunch, or chowing down wings and watching the game, these looks will keep you comfy and stylish. Bonus: Little to no work is required to transition from day-to-night, meaning maximizing your precious weekend hours just got even easier. For the last look, I had a holiday party in mind. Keeping with a neutral palette, you sure to stand out among the sea of black at any event your attending this season.

What should we keep in mind when choosing outfits this holiday season?
I have three pieces of advice. Numero uno: don’t be afraid to get outside of your LBD comfort zone. Between pretty pastels and pop-art patterned dresses, there are plenty of ways to make a statement at a holiday party. Secondly, don’t be afraid to rock a great pair of oxfords or flats this season. Your feet will not only thank you five hours into your company holiday party, but you will have a far less treacherous walk when Mother Nature coats the sidewalks with ice and snow. And last but not least, why not rock a great skirt and top as opposed to a dress this year? There are so many chic skirts floating around this season that will elevate your holiday style from expected to exceptional!

Who are your style influencers and what are your favorite must-stop shops?
Leandra Medine from Man Repeller has always been a favorite of mine. She knows that it’s not just about the clothes, but about the attitude as well. Other influencers would have to be Aimee from Song of Style, Julie from Sincerely Jules, and Jessica from Tuula Vintage (she has great travel style!). As a blogger, if you have a unique point of view, I’m interested. My favorite places  to shop are Steven Alan, Intermix, Zara, and STA, of course!

Give us a sneak peak behind your daily routine…
I work from home, so my day usually starts in my home office editing photos or blog posts followed by a mid-morning workout at my gym down the street. From there, I could be off meeting with existing or potential new clients, taking photos, attending networking luncheons (I love working lunches at Bistro du Midi), etc. During the week, I try to make it to the Museum of Fine Arts at least once for an hour or two — it helps keep those creative juices flowing. I do some of my best work at night, so between ordering Genki Ya for the third time that week and writing in front of my fireplace, my nights are usually pretty well taken care of.

And last but not least, the question we are all dying to know – what’s one item in your closet you’ve happily splurged on?
I recently splurged on a timeless Chloé Baylee bag. I think handbags and shoes are the best investments — they have the ability to elevate any outfit. Items where I usually hold the purse strings a little tighter are when I’m shopping for funky costume jewelry or pieces that are a bit trendier. You won’t catch me dropping two grand on harem sweatpants or leopard-print ankle booties anytime soon. (EDITORS NOTE – snag the same Chloe Baylee bag in red at 176 Newbury St!)