Not You’re Typical Friday

While you’re crawling out of your Turkey induced coma, Black Friday is back and looking better than ever. Our favorite retailers are ready to take on the crowds of both in store and online shoppers. I personally stay as far away from the in store masses because most of the same deals can be found online (without having to tackle someone for it). My list for Black Friday has grown over the course of the past few weeks. Sorry, I’m not sorry that I’ll be buying some goodies for myself this year. Hey, my closet deserves a great deal too!

My first Black Friday goal is to replenish all of my basics. Boyfriend tees and long sleeve solid color shirts (black and white). These go perfectly under a blazer or on their own, which is why I need more versatile pieces like that in my closet. I hate wearing blouses when I don’t really have to.

I’ll also be keeping an eye out for a New Year’s Eve outfit. I’m sure I have something in my closet that I could put together for the last night of 2014, but that wouldn’t be as fun now would it? Sequins, sparkles, and feathers are a few of my favorite things.

Who could forget about accessories? The perfect category to use the old “one for you and one for me” approach. Gotta love it. Plus, who has ever said they have enough jewelry, shoes, scarves, etc? Exactly, no one.

What will you be scoping out this Black Friday?

~Taylor, fashioniSTA intern

Styled by…Venture Travelist

Photos courtesy of Venture Travelist, taken by The Social Stylist

Welcome to the first edition of our Styled by... series where we’ll be teaming up with our favorite local fashion gurus to bring you their amazing style tips and STA finds!  For our first Styled by…takeover we invited Regan, of the style and travel blog Venture Travelist,, to our 176 Newbury St. location in Boston to pull together her favorite pieces and dish on all things fashion just in time for the holiday season.  If you like what you see and want to shop more of Regan’s Styled by Venture Travelist picks, head to the store to shop her curated rack or order pieces right over the phone!

First off, let’s start with the fashion – how would you describe your personal style?
Laid-back chic, for sure. I err on the side of fun and comfortable, and I always like to add an unexpected twist — whether it be menswear, vintage jewelry, or even a groovy manicure.  My daily uniform consists of either a midi-skirt or skinny jeans, a t-shirt with a statement jacket or vest, and a great pair of sneakers.

What were your favorite STA finds?
Between a fabulous patterned 3.1 Phillip Lim sweater, an Isabel Marant embellished jacket and Rick Owens high tops, I was in statement piece heaven! This season I’m all about monochrome neutrals, clean lines, and finding that one stand-out item that is the centerpiece to your outfit. On the rack you’ll see a lot of great neutral knits, streamlined pants, structured skirts, and statement pieces

What was the inspiration behind the outfits you styled?
For the first two looks, I really wanted something that embodied the weekend warrior. Whether you’re suiting up for brunch, or chowing down wings and watching the game, these looks will keep you comfy and stylish. Bonus: Little to no work is required to transition from day-to-night, meaning maximizing your precious weekend hours just got even easier. For the last look, I had a holiday party in mind. Keeping with a neutral palette, you sure to stand out among the sea of black at any event your attending this season.

What should we keep in mind when choosing outfits this holiday season?
I have three pieces of advice. Numero uno: don’t be afraid to get outside of your LBD comfort zone. Between pretty pastels and pop-art patterned dresses, there are plenty of ways to make a statement at a holiday party. Secondly, don’t be afraid to rock a great pair of oxfords or flats this season. Your feet will not only thank you five hours into your company holiday party, but you will have a far less treacherous walk when Mother Nature coats the sidewalks with ice and snow. And last but not least, why not rock a great skirt and top as opposed to a dress this year? There are so many chic skirts floating around this season that will elevate your holiday style from expected to exceptional!

Who are your style influencers and what are your favorite must-stop shops?
Leandra Medine from Man Repeller has always been a favorite of mine. She knows that it’s not just about the clothes, but about the attitude as well. Other influencers would have to be Aimee from Song of Style, Julie from Sincerely Jules, and Jessica from Tuula Vintage (she has great travel style!). As a blogger, if you have a unique point of view, I’m interested. My favorite places  to shop are Steven Alan, Intermix, Zara, and STA, of course!

Give us a sneak peak behind your daily routine…
I work from home, so my day usually starts in my home office editing photos or blog posts followed by a mid-morning workout at my gym down the street. From there, I could be off meeting with existing or potential new clients, taking photos, attending networking luncheons (I love working lunches at Bistro du Midi), etc. During the week, I try to make it to the Museum of Fine Arts at least once for an hour or two — it helps keep those creative juices flowing. I do some of my best work at night, so between ordering Genki Ya for the third time that week and writing in front of my fireplace, my nights are usually pretty well taken care of.

And last but not least, the question we are all dying to know – what’s one item in your closet you’ve happily splurged on?
I recently splurged on a timeless Chloé Baylee bag. I think handbags and shoes are the best investments — they have the ability to elevate any outfit. Items where I usually hold the purse strings a little tighter are when I’m shopping for funky costume jewelry or pieces that are a bit trendier. You won’t catch me dropping two grand on harem sweatpants or leopard-print ankle booties anytime soon. (EDITORS NOTE – snag the same Chloe Baylee bag in red at 176 Newbury St!)

A Fashionably Late Halloween Costume

I’m guilty of procrastinating a Halloween costume until the very last minute (and this year is no exception). You think I would have learned my lesson by now, but it comforts me to know that I’m not the only one who does this. I pride myself on being able to throw a costume together at the very last minute (due to party invites that are totally unplanned).

There are just some classic characters that are just begging to be a Halloween costumes. Not just because they’re cool, but because they are THAT easy to replicate. I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing that my closet is this extensive, but here are my easiest go-to characters for All Hallos’ Eve:

Rosie the Riveter

Chambray Top + Jeans + Red Bandanna + Boots = The Easiest Last Minute Halloween Costume Ever!

Sandy from Grease

Black Crop Top + Leather Jeans/Leggings + Red Pump + Red Lipstick + Over-the-Top Curly Hair = Hello, Sandy!

Vivian Ward from Pretty Woman

White Tank Top + Blue Bandage Skirt + Over-The-Knee Boots = Va-Va-Voom

Cher from Clueless

Red Tank Dress + White Feather Boa = As If!

Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

LBD + Statement Necklace + Perfect Updo + Fake Cigarette = An Icon

Are you like me and procrastinated this year (or for the past 5 years)? What are your Halloween go-tos? I’d love to hear what you’re putting together! Leave your costume(s) in the comments section below.

Photo Credits: “We Can Do It!” Poster – Wikipedia; Vivian Ward – Media; Sandy from Grease – Leblow; Clueless Movie Poster – IMBD, Breakfast at Tiffany’s Poster – Movie Beauty

We’re Looking to Make a Statement

We need to make a statement… With a necklace that is! I am head-over-heels in love with the lady on the left, DYLANLEX. Her bibs are like nothing else I have ever seen. Seriously though – Check out the website if you haven’t already. What is amazing about these Swarovski covered, walking-in-art pieces is that they are so over the top, but you can surprisingly still pair it with a concert tee and jeans. Same goes for dressing it up. It brings the entire look to a whole new and totally luxe level. The only thing disappointing about this dream jewelry is the price tag… It’s going to cost ya a lot.

BUT this is where STA comes in to sweep you off of your feet with their accessories selection. We obviously get amazing bags and shoes straight from our consignors, but we also have amazing jewelry too. Necklaces, bracelets, rings – You name it. Back to what I really want, a statement necklace. We have a price range for every fashioniSTA. Like myself, I know not many can spend hundreds of dollars on a piece like the one I am coveting. It also just so happens that STA is offering 20% off of all accessories starting today through Sunday! This is your time to shine and grab a statement necklace, handbag, and/ or shoe or your own. I know I’ll be there looking to statement making collars and bibs.

Photo Credit: The Katt’s Meow

This Week… Our Consignors Get a 50/50 Split

Yes, you did read that correctly. This week, we are offering STA consignors a 50/50 split on all of their consigned items. We want you to bring down those designer duds that are just taking up space/collecting dust in your closet, so you can make some fast and easy cash! Or better yet, get a store credit to STA and buy something for all of your hard work. Hey, choosing what stays and what goes is a hard task that mustn’t go unrewarded.

Right now, (as much as we hate to have to) we are all preparing for colder weather. Our stores are looking to consign jackets across all price points. Barbour and Burberry are flying out of our stores (a no brainer). With a new-to-you jacket, a scarf to keep you even cozier is your next stop in our stores. We have had a huge increase in designer scarves coming into our stores, like Hermes, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton.

I am personally loving how many boots we are seeing walking right in and then quickly back out of our doors. I can’t even get my hands on our best designer shoes faster than our customers (good for you, but bad for me)! We have a wide range of price points to meet any fashioniSTAs budget. Same goes for jewelry. We see David Yurman, Tiffany and Co., and Hermes jewelry selling very quickly.

So if you have anything you want to make a quick buck on, bring it down to your closest STA location!

~Taylor, fashioniSTA

What We’re Loving for Fall: Leather Jackets

I’ve been on a serious hunt for the perfect leather jacket. I know that you can find one in most stores, but I want one that I can invest in and wear until the end of time. Back in the day, I bought myself a cheap (and I mean like $20 CHEAP) faux leather jacket on clearance at H&M. Don’t get me wrong, the cheap-y piece served me well during my college days due to only wearing it when party hoping during the colder weather. Who wants to wear a puffy jacket to a party? Plus, I tossed that thing around like nobody’s business. Let’s not mention how much beer that thing came into contact with.

Now that I’ve entered the workforce, I have found myself coveting jackets that not only keep you warm, but keep you looking cool (see what I did there?). I die every time I see a Saint Laurent signature motorcycle jacket. That is my definition of the perfect leather jacket, but (sigh) the $5K price tag snaps me back to reality.

This brought me to research potential options to explore for my next investment piece. The Wes Moto Jacket by Rebecca Minkoff in light pink with gunmetal hardware is so freakin’ cute and the price is pretty good for a designer leather jacket. Anna Kendrink and Kate Mara were both spotted in this jacket (at the same event – gasp!). Aimee Song of Song of Style has a red, embellished one I’m absolutely dying over.

Have a leather jacket you love? Share in the comments below!

~ Taylor, fashioniSTA intern
Photo Credit: She’s Got Style – Rebecca Minkoff

Fall Into These Must-Haves

Is it just me or did it go from hot to cold WAY too fast? Last week was warm and now I’m pretty close to freezing during my commute back and forth to work. I can’t believe that I’m saying this, but I have actually started looking for a new winter jacket – UGH. It’s only going to get colder, after all. Here are our must-have pieces to get yourself ready to take on fall.


Skinny. Patterned. Leather. You need as many as you can get. Personally, I start to get really bored of my denim half way through the winter. With a wider variety at your disposal, you’re less likely to get sick of your everyday jeans. This will also prevent you from trying to get away with a dress going into negative degree weather (I’ve seen it!). I actually just splurged on a pair of Joe’s Skinny Coated Jeans and I am OBSESSED. Well worth the extra money!


Like we saw on Oscar de la Renta’s runway this past SS15 runway, these boots are here to stay! Wear them with tights or over your jeans to add a luxe feel to any outfit. I love this type of boot, especially with no heel. It gives the entire look more of a casual feel. Check out this article, if you’re weary on how to sport this type of boot!

White Blazer

I’ve been seeing white blazers being worn more and more the past couple of days. It so office chic – I can’t stand it. A pair of black skinny dress pants, grey t-shirt, and a statement necklace paired with a white blazer? You’re ready ask you’re boss for a (well-deserved) raise!

What do you think of our Fall Must-Haves? Do you have any that you’re looking to wear soon? Sound off in the comments below!

~ Taylor, fashioniSTA intern

Photo Credit: Jeans -, Boots –, White Blazer –

What We’re Loving: NYFW SS15

It’s that time of year again. New York Fashion Week is in full swing and our favorite designers are showcasing their latest creations down the runway. Let’s cut to the chase, though. These are the collections that we’re coveting for Spring/Summer 2015.

Oscar de la Renta
Flirty, feminine, and totally fun. My ultra girly side can’t help but shine through for this collection.

Super tight skinnies paired with sexy thigh high lace up boots… Genius!

3.1 Phillip Lim
This new take on a hemline and cutouts – I want and I want now.

Marc by Marc Jacobs
I’m all about dressing up a faded T. Add a polka dot dress and I’m sold.

Are you loving what you’re seeing this NYFW? Personally, I can’t wait for next spring to rock these trends. I may even start a season early. Let us know what you think!

~Taylor, fashioniSTA intern

Photo Credit:

Labor Day Essentials

This weekend is the American way of saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall. Whether you’re going away for the weekend or staying local, this is the time to dress to impress because it’s going to start getting cold faster than we all think. So, sit back and have a hot dog (or two). Here is what we’re wearing this Labor Day Weekend:

The saying goes “no white after Labor Day.” I don’t necessarily practice this nor do I think anyone should. If you’re into not wearing white after this weekend, get your little white dress out this weekend before you have to put it back into your closet for good.


We love that this trend is back! Pair them with a crop top and espadrilles. This look is casual and comfy for this laid back weekend. Overalls will also keep you warmer when the sun goes down.

High Waisted Shorts

The easiest way to go from a hot (end of) summer day into a chilly night. Grab a pair of shorts of any wash and pair with a summer top. Once it gets chilly, throw on an oversized sweat shirt or sweater to look effortlessly cool.

What are your plans for this Labor Day Weekend? Better yet, what are you wearing?

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Baby Got Back[Packs]

Hate to say it, but back to school is quickly approaching! That’s means that it’s time for all of the kiddos to go back to class. I take my computer everywhere, especially when I was in school. Cramming that and my books into an oversized tote bag and luging it onto one shoulder to walk to class (let’s face it) sucked. I finally settled for your typical, black North Face backpack. It saved my back, but definitely downgraded how I felt about my overall look. Who likes wearing a sundress with a big, black backpack? Not me!

I do wish that Chanel had sent their coveted, canvas graffiti backpack down their runway when I was in school. It would have made me feel so much cooler rocking a backpack. I shouldn’t give all of the credit to Chanel for an amazing backpack though. We have had gorgeous Louis Vuitton backpacks at our locations.

If you are looking to splurge on a designer backpack, consignment is an avenue that you will want to visit. At STA, we get designer handbags from new to vintage and everything in between. Also, I personally feel like I would want to spend a little less money on an item that will be thrown around and weighed down by my things. Besides, who doesn’t love an amazing find that costs way less than the retail price? WE DO!

So, what do you think about backpacks? Sound off below!

Photo Credit: Harper’s Bazaar