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How to Dress Your Baby FashioniSTA

Front Row at NY Fashion Week

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the playground is apparently the latest style scene. All of the up-and-coming stylistas make it their mission to look like lean, mean fashion machines once they hit the monkey bars. If you are sending your child out – or allowing anyone you know to do so – without making sure they are runway-ready from head to toe, you are doing them a serious disservice, or at least that’s what it seems when you get a look at any celebrity child. My only complaint when I was little was that my clothes weren’t sparkly enough, not that my Burberry prints clashed with each other. Ready to give your kid celebrity status?

To start off, you need to think practical. With the cold months ahead, your child will obviously need mini Ugg boots. Spring for the Pink Baily Button boots in a dark raspberry color so that she really stands out at recess – and really, almost $150 on tiny footwear is very reasonable. To ensure that she will also be comfortable inside her second-grade classroom, I suggest the Marc Jacobs Rainbow Mouse Ballet Pumps (right). [On a side note, I actually think these are the most adorable shoes, and if they weren’t over $250 and were going to be put on a small child’s foot and most likely stomped in the dirt until the rhinestones fell off, I would probably seriously advocate these.] And while you wouldn’t want this poor fashionista to freeze, I definitely recommend the Burberry Nova Check Poncho, because if you weren’t already sold, the hood would definitely push you right over the edge.

Chloe for Kids Only

Why dress your baby in normal, frumpy clothes? Instead, dress her statement pieces with intricate details. Try a D&G Junior Denim Bow Dress for $415, this dress’s large appliqué bows will give your 8-year-old just enough Lady Gaga for her second grade class, of course without going overboard. For a more flashy entrance, try Roberto Cavalli’s leopard-printed jeans, bringing the flair of Jersey Shore to an elementary school near you. Too extreme? Scale it back a bit with a pale yellow linen Ralph Lauren dress, perfect for all of the summer weddings that your social butterfly young daughter is sure to attend. And this dress is actually washable – at 30 degrees – a big selling point amidst the other dry clean only selections. For a fall perfect look, your child’s wardrobe should really consist of a balanced mix of signature statement pieces and easy basics. And by easy basics, I obviously mean Junior Gaultier faux leather skinny trousers and Monnalisa navy leggings with pearl details. Apparently basic black leggings haven’t trickled down into the youth sector, these children are just too fashionable to be seen in anything so pedestrian. And of course the finishing touch to any mini-fashionista’s look would be a pair of rounded, blush-colored Chloé sunglasses.

If your child is looking to attend a nightlife social event (and really, when is your child not looking to do this?), try a Sonia Rykiel full-sequin skirt with attached suspenders. Of course, they are referred to as “braces,” because apparently nothing in kid fashion is described normally, that would be too kid-friendly. Or go with a Junior Gaultier sequin three tiered dress in black, perfect for the third-grade class New Years’ bash at Tenjune. And word on the street is, you can also use this dress as part of a witch Halloween costume.

A Sonia Rykiel soiree outfit

And for the budding elementary school fashionista, sending her to school with a brown paper bag lunch would just be plain mean. Especially when Juicy Couture has their own pink and academic-themed lunchbox, which contains what they refer to as a “flask.” Exactly what comes to your mind when you hear that? Yeah, my thoughts too. When I was attending a school that provided recess, we called them “Thermoses,” but I guess when you’re a style star on the rise, even your lunchbox gets an inappropriate adult name.

And for those mothers out there who have little princes at home, treat him right and dress him to kill. The ladies out there will not be impressed with his graphic tees and ripped jeans, so go for Paul Smith’s black suit with lilac pinstripes. It’s just enough pizzazz for a future fashionisto, or if your child happens to be a mini Chuck Bass. For a more casual look, try Paul Smith’s mini leather bomber jacket paired with child Ray-Ban Wayfarers. I’m sure the children will get the Top Gun motif that you’re going for.

With all of these tips at your command, there is no excuse why your child should look like a normal kid. Of course, she won’t be able to actually play or interact with other children, but that’s a small price to pay. Why make your kid comfortable when they can wear premium denim and suck on a D&G pacifier?

~Ashley, fashioniSTA, Second Time Around

The Triumphant Return of Phoebe Philo

The fashion world mourned the loss of Phoebe Philo when she stepped down as creative director of Chloe four years ago in order to spend more time with her young family. After all, this was the woman who created the Paddington, Edith, Silverado and Betty bags and catapulted Chloe to the forefront of designer fashion.

Well, now she’s back and she has proven her designer genius once again. Phoebe Philo was hired as the creative director of Celine in September of 2008, but just made her runway debut during the Spring 2010 runway shows in October.

It was a crisp and clean collection of leather, cottons and linens with the unmistakable no-fuss design aesthetic of Philo. The palate was mostly neutrals, with a splash of lapis in the form of two gorgeously draped dresses and the most incredible shade of teal in the form of a thigh-baring leather mini skirt.  Wedge sandals, impeccably tailored high-waist, wide-leg trousers and leather tees and skirts stomped down the runway accompanied by lace-up tunics and dresses, safari and military-inspired jackets and second-skin beige tees.

The looks were extremely wearable, projecting a kind of “contemporary minimalism” – to use the words of Philo herself. They exuded – in my mind – an “I-roll-out-of-bed-looking-this-good” sensibility. And to be honest, isn’t that what we are all striving for?

So, here’s to being fashionable without trying too hard and here’s to the return of Phoebe Philo! Phoebe, we’re so glad to have you back!

~Marisa, Director of Styling, Second Time Around

Consignment Shopping is the Best Kind of Shopping.

Consignment shopping is the best kind of shopping. Of course, we are a bit biased…but we’ve got some serious evidence to back up our claim.

At a consignment store you will find the high-end designer and brand name labels that you want - but normally can’t afford - at a fraction of their original retail cost.

In addition, consignment shops are the quintessential one-stop shopping location. Consignment shops carry every type of apparel and accessory known to man as well as the entire gamete of designers and labels. Mix high-end with low-end fashion in one place and span decades in one outfit with unique vintage finds.

Can’t quite get your head around wearing used apparel and accessories? Well, consider for a moment that shoes are already broken in to offer blister-free bliss, stiff denim is now soft and 34-inch pant legs have already been hemmed.

Still not convinced? Frequent your local consignment shop enough and you will be sure to find the discontinued style of Moncler coat that you were lusting after – but could not afford - last winter or an emerald green Chloe Paddington bag, a color that they only released in the Spring of ’06. Once that happens, you will be hooked!

Hopefully, I’ve made a believer of you… But, if not, check out a consignment store for yourself and make your own list of reasons! Happy shopping!

~ Marisa, Director of Styling, Second Time Around

Spring 2010 Trends Report – Part 2

Last week we focused on the more feminine elements of the spring 2010 trends – the predominantly pale hues of the season and the “underwear-as-outerwear” look. This week we would like to focus on the more masculine trends of spring 2010.

Utility Look


Traditional “work-wear” and military inspired pieces had a strong presence at the spring 2010 shows. Virtually every type of garment showed up in a denim version - dresses, skirts, shirts, shorts and jackets – in addition to the ever-present jeans. Military inspired buttons, epaulets, badges and seams were prolific and the “working man’s” cargo pants, khaki and plaid abound. Ralph Lauren, Balmain, Chloe, L.A.M.B. and D&G all took this trend to the next level.

Bold Shoulders

Shoulders were enhanced in as many ways as designers could dream up. Garments stomped down the runways with just one shoulder, with epaulets, with beaded and bedazzled shoulders and with padded and structured shoulders. The look is bold, but somehow, still incredibly wearable. Maison Martin Margiela, Alexander Wang, Balmain, Lanvin and Givenchy “shouldered” the trend with ease.

Enjoy shopping for your masculine side and catch us on the flip side for our final Spring Trends Report installment.

Strong Shoulders Look

~Marisa, Director of Styling, Second Time Around