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Do you have a stack of consignment clothing and accessories taking up space in your closet, but you can’t seem to make it into the store? Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered!

The Second Time Around Mail-In Consignment option is the perfect solution when you can’t stop by and see us in person. With a few simple steps and a quick trip to the post office, you’ll be on your way to making money from your surplus designer clothing and accessories.

Here’s how it works:

  • Click here to fill out the Consign Online Form. Print two copies of the completed form — one for us, and one for your records.
  • Box up your consignment items, making sure all pieces are freshly laundered, neatly folded, and packed securely to prevent damage during shipping. If you haven’t consigned with us before, be sure to visit our FAQ page to see our condition requirements and a list of acceptable brands and labels.
  • Place ONE copy of the completed Consign Online Form in the box with your consignment items. Make sure this form states what you’d like us to do with your unaccepted items!*
  • Mail the box to one of our Second Time Around locations. For a list of stores, please click here

Once your items are in the mail, we’ll take over from there! When we receive your package, an experienced Second Time Around staff member will review your consignment items. Next, we’ll mail you a receipt listing the accepted items, and we’ll even include an account number that will allow you to view your consignment account details online at! Once your items have sold (visit the FAQ page for the length and terms of a consignment period), we’ll mail you a check for your portion of the proceeds.

It’s that simple! Just remember, the most important step in the Mail-In Consignment process is to include the completed Consign Online Form in your shipping box. If you don’t, we won’t know who to pay!

*The Consign Online Form should state what you’d like us to do with your unaccepted items – donate them, or mail them back to you. If you would like us to return the items to you, we will deduct the cost of return shipping from your consignment account. If no preference is stated on the Consign Online Form, unaccepted items will become property of Second Time Around.

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