4. Paige Premium Denim

Former denim fit-model, Paige Adams-Geller, decided to put her knowledge and expertise to work and created Paige Premium Denim which debuted in February 2005. Due to the brand’s background, Paige has a devoted following by many fans who claim that Paige jeans give them the best-looking bum and the slimmest thighs, hands down. The styles are on-trend, but not over-the-top and the denim tends to be very easy to wear – neither too stiff nor too flimsy.

5. True Religion

True Religion – best known for their low rise, swing seam and stand-out stitching – has a definite cult following. While their brand has a true Americana, “urban-cowboy” feel to it, they somehow have also managed to pump out some of the most detailed and trendy jeans on the denim map. Unfortunately, the down-side to this characteristic is that some of their styles can look dated rather quickly. For example, if they distress their jeans; the rips are bigger, longer and deeper than those of their competitors and if they bedazzle their jeans; each rivet and button is sure to be replaced by a “gemstone” and crystals are sure to line each seam. You are sure to look very of-the-moment in their jeans, but be prepared to replace them when the trend is over.

6. Hudson

Hudson jeans are the epitome of California casual. Their jeans are best worn with a simple tee or tank, accompanied by flip-flops or a fashion sneaker. They do everything that a great pair of jeans should do – slim and lengthen the leg and hug and lift the tush – and they do it

while looking like they aren’t trying at all. As an added bonus, they have great details like additional stitching on the seams and unique flaps on their patch-pocket styles.

Stay-tuned…3 more brand reviews are on their way as well as my picks of the “lesser-known” denim labels and the denim brands to watch!

True Religion