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Wintour and Kors Come to Boston!

Fashion royalty: Michael Kors and Anna Wintour

This Monday, Boston was blessed with fashion royalty as Anna Wintour, Michael Kors and Natalia Vodianova took the stage for the public forum “Health Matters: Weight and Wellness in the World of Fashion” at Harvard Business School. Each voiced their concerns and their plans for change in the arena of body image and health within the industry.

Going into the event, I had never heard Wintour speak and expected a well rehearsed and somewhat emotionless monologue but was pleasantly surprised when she spoke wholeheartedly about her passion to change the way that Vogue approached the subject.

Wintour spoke candidly of the responsibility that the fashion industry has for the well-being of their models as well as followers and readers. Kors and Vodianova were equally touched by this subject and Kors even promised within the forum that he would never book a model under the age of 16 again “no matter how hot they are.”

The one thing that I was and still am on the fence about is that though this is a great initiative, how do we know that it is here to stay? Is it just another trend that will be on the outs by Fall 2010 when we see skeletal girls gracing runways?

I think that if we want to truly see a change, consumers need to take on some of the responsibility. If you see unhealthy girls on the cover of US Weekly or Vogue…DON’T BUY IT!

That’s just my two cents.

~Kirsten, FashioniSTA

Get great looks for less at STA Mott St.

Wow!  Between the end of fashion week and the premiere of Housewives, time’s been a-flying!

Simon and I attended 18 shows and presentations this fashion week – it was a wild week with all sorts of new ideas for fall.  This season I either wore a dress from the designer’s show we were seeing, or I wore something off-the-rack from the Mott Street STA, and found myself wondering as I often do – how do you execute these runway looks in real life?  Aha…I feel a project coming on!!

The Zang Toi Look

Don’t have a Neiman Marcus budget of $3,000?  At Mott Street we found a collection of separates – an Armani jacket, Ann Taylor turtle neck, Laundry tuxedo pants, a black fedora and (of course) some Michael Kors shoes.  Total STA look = $400.

Next – this Academy of Art University look is cute, young and sexy in a wholesome way. Linlee and I found pieces from Theory and J. Crew paired with stiletto thigh high boots.  Again, we trimmed that runway budget down to $200.

The Academy of Art Look

Finally, I love this full, swingy skirt from Pamella Roland though it’ll set you back a few thousand. Linlee, Sophie and I found this great mauve silk tie neck dress and paired it with peach Manolos…always a girl’s best friend.  Grand total $350.  Go fashioniSTA!!  ~Alex

The Pamella Roland Look

Meet Alex this Thursday, March 11, at our Mott Street location in SoHo between 2-5pm.  She will be doing consignment so come on by!  262 Mott St., New York, NY, 10012 (212) 965-8415.