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I Get By With a Little Help From My Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets are making a comeback and I love it! Wrists layered with brightly-colored strands of thread bring up such fond memories of hours spent weaving with friends on the porch or on long car rides to my grandparent’s house.

I first spotted the trend while on my trip to Madrid, Spain. My sister and I got matching friendship bracelets in El Buen Retiro, Madrid’s Central Park, and I got a red and yellow one from a souvenir shop in La Plaza Mayor in order to cheer on the Spanish World Cup team and commemorate our trip.

Since I have been home, I have spotted them being sold by a street vendor at the corner of Boylston and Dartmouth Streets, a kiosk in the Prudential Center Mall and both Madewell and Stel’s on the last block of Newbury St.

Friendship bracelets look best in brightly-colored groups. When worn this way, not only do they stand out better, but they are also more apt to have a color in them to coordinate with your outfit. Also, the addition of another texture or material can add further visual interest. Look for friendship bracelets with charms, metal chains or links – Madewell and Stel’s both carried examples of this. Finally, if you can find friendship bracelets made of leather, then you have officially hit the jackpot. You’ve got the look, plus the durability or leather. And if you do, please let me know. I passed up some in Spain and I seriously regret it…

~Marisa, Director of Styling, Second Time Around

A Denim Review: Part IV


Here are my picks for personal favorites amongst the lesser-known denim brands as well as my picks for denim brands to watch…you never know when you might find your new favorite jeans!

Personal Picks:

Habitual – My sister and I love these jeans. I am not sure how universal their fit is, but they are like a second skin on us. And the Maltese Cross – their bum adornment - is not only one of the coolest signature symbols around, but it also pads the tush, enhancing its…um…”ass-ets.” He-he.

Vince – Usually I am wary of any denim made by a brand that was originally a clothing line. However, in my eyes, Vince can do no wrong, so I am more than excited about trying out their new denim collection.


Cheap Monday – Who doesn’t love getting something for less? After all, that is our mantra here at Second Time Around! In a world of $200+ jeans, I’ll take a pair of $60-$80 jeans with the same fashion sense as their more expensive counterparts any day.

Madewell – J Crew’s grungy little sister boasts a wide selection of cuts, washes and styles. I don’t own any myself, but I have heard that they are gaining converts left and right!

Brands to Watch:

Current Elliot – Already established as the official “boyfriend jean” brand, I have a feeling that this brand is going to take over the denim world in due time. They have mastered both fit and deconstruction – two of the most difficult denim tricks – so the road before them is clear of obstacles.

Rag + Bone

Rag & Bone – Now a lifestyle brand offering

clothing, shoes and accessories for both men and women, Rag & Bone started as a denim brand. They are known for their quality of construction, classic British tailoring and clothing that is both easy to wear and undeniably cool. Their denim is no different and their basic, no-frills styles are sure to catch on like wildfire.

PRPS – PRPS will fill the fashion void that Rag + Bone can not. Rather than perfecting the basics, they are pushing the envelope when it comes to denim silhouettes and construction, honing in on the details and creating one-of-a-kind jeans eachand every time.

A.P.C. – Similar to Rag & Bone, A.P.C. is all about getting back to basics. (Do I see a trend on the horizon??) They make a classic jean of raw denim and – gasp! – expect their customers to break them in on their own.

Hope that this Denim Review was helpful! If you are still not sure which brand is right for you, swing by your local STA where you will find loads of designer denim. Try on the different brands that I have written about here and see for yourself! (And, hopefully snag yourself a pair at 1/3-1/4 of the original retail value!) Happy shopping!

~Marisa, Director of Styling, Second Time Around