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To Dye For…

Joie Skirt

Remember that sense of pride that you had as a child when you returned from camp and could parade your newly tie-dyed clothes around your non-camper friends? It’s like that feeling all over again, except instead of Hanes dipped in food coloring, designers are taking the tie-dye trend and applying it with new sophistication through different materials and dye patterns. I have always loved this trend because of its unexpected versatility, from traditional tie-dye to modern, monochromatic examples. This trend can span the realm between preppy and bohemian without looking out of place. What used to be just reserved for tee-shirts is now making a breakthrough with tailored pieces and even cocktail attire.

The designer to watch this year with this trend is Tory Burch. Branching out from the usual tie-dye motifs, she has made this trend office-appropriate and applied it to new materials, like leather (which, for the record, I didn’t even know you could tie-dye). While I’ve never been a big fan of leather shorts, Burch has made hers look more uptown chic than like lederhosen. If shorts aren’t your thing, there’s also a leather skirt in the same pattern. Burch has also used tie-dye on her blouses, testing the versatility of this trend with casual tanks as well as work-appropriate blouses. While I wouldn’t recommend wearing one of these blouses with a full, conservative suit, if you work in a creative field, you can pair it with a neutral-toned skirt or linen pants for a breezy, summertime look.

Other designers are jumping on this bandwagon as well, from casual C&C California to upscale, lavish designers. If you’re feeling extra bold, you can incorporate this trend into your eveningwear. Try a tie-dye maxi dress from Alice + Olivia or a shorter, striped version from Leyendecker. Another option for the fashion risk-taker: tie-dyed accessories. Designers aren’t excluding handbags and wallets from this trend, so should you be feeling courageous, try out a tie-dye statement accessory like one of the ones this year from Rebecca Minkoff or Tory Burch.

Tory Burch Top

These are definitely for the fashion extrovert, so if your style isn’t quite that outgoing, you can still include this trend in your casual-wear. Going for something like a tie-dye stripe pattern in a skirt from Joie or a loose tank top from Patterson J. Kincaid is perfect for a weekend or vacation look. Or you can always go super casual with a tie-dyed bikini, a sure-fire way to make you stand out at the beach or pool—in a good way, of course. Designers such as Tyler Rose, Martha Rey, and Victoria’s Secret have put out colorful options that’ll make your all-white cover-up pop.

Rebecca Minkoff Bag

There are also pattern variations of tie-dye that are popping up in designer collections. The dip-dyed trend made waves with Alice + Olivia and Graham + Spencer a few years ago and has equally evolved. Not to be confused with ombré’s gradual color gradation, this technique is when there is a stark contrast between colors, making it look like the garment has been dipped into the dye. Check out the options from Juicy Couture, like their silk shorts that you can pair with a white cotton tank and metallic, flat sandals. This is a softer way to try the tie-dye trend if you’re unsure of the real deal.

If you’re still afraid of looking like you stepped out of a child’s birthday party, you can always take this trend subtle with a tie-dye summer scarf. Take one with a monochromatic tie-dye or dip-dye pattern in a bright color –think orange from Juicy Couture – and make it pop against a white tee-shirt and skinny jeans for an easy and chic look perfect for summer. Or try a tie-dye headband, like the ones from Bop Bijoux, perfect for keeping your hair out of your face while running errands or at the beach.

Juicy Couture Dip Dye Scarf

Whichever way you choose to experiment with this trend, tie-dye will breathe life into your wardrobe, adding a punch to your summertime ensembles.

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Ashely, FashioniSTA, Second Time Around

Oxfords: My current fashion obsession.

Joie's "Louie Louie" oxford

At first I was merely intrigued, but now I am fully obsessed with oxfords. I hope to purchase a pair soon! I think that they will be the perfect transitional shoe to bridge the gap between boots and sandals as the weather slowly – but surely – improves.

I plan to pair them with skinnies, leggings or boyfriend jeans and menswear inspired tops on some days and flirty and feminine dresses and rompers on other days. They will be the gender-bending statement piece for combining the masculine and the feminine in my wardrobe.

I think that I will probably choose a solid neutral pair as they will fit best into my wardrobe, but there are some fabulous two-tone versions out there that are incredible. I have even seen a few black and white pairs which take me back to grammar school…

We would love to hear your thoughts on oxfords and the kinds of things that you would wear them with! Comment above!

-Marisa, Director of Styling, Second Time Around