Lea Michele at the Golden Globes

The days of Frank Sinatra, Grace Kelly and Sophie Loren are alive as classic Hollywood glamour takes the stage in Spring 2010. Carolina Herrera was one designer to take the late 1950’s era to a fabulous extreme with a collection boasting sweetheart necklines, hourglass cuts and rich colors fit for a queen. The Red Carpet also dazzled millions of onlookers with this classic look as actresses traveled back in time to capture the days when awards shows were just beginning.

So, your wondering how you pull this off at the coffee shop down the street or for a casual night out? Easy. There are many different pieces to try but the first thing to look for is color. Black, red and white. Though these colors may be overlooked, they epitomize the old days (and I am not just saying this because everything was in black and white).  Some pieces to watch for are long sleeved wrap dresses, patternless corset tops, shoulder baring blouses, menswear (cardigans, trousers, oxford shoes, button-downs), pastel cardigans, one piece romper suits which are quite prevalent these days and high-waisted shorts and pants.

Don’t forget the accessories! Big broaches and clip-on earrings are a must. Also, decorative hairpieces and small patterned scarves (worn as a headband or neck tie) are the perfect way to polish off any look you may be going for.

All of these things, though maybe unattainable at your regular department store are always lining the racks Second Time Around!  ~Kirsten, FashioniSTA

Diane Kruger at the SAG Awards