I’ve been on a serious hunt for the perfect leather jacket. I know that you can find one in most stores, but I want one that I can invest in and wear until the end of time. Back in the day, I bought myself a cheap (and I mean like $20 CHEAP) faux leather jacket on clearance at H&M. Don’t get me wrong, the cheap-y piece served me well during my college days due to only wearing it when party hoping during the colder weather. Who wants to wear a puffy jacket to a party? Plus, I tossed that thing around like nobody’s business. Let’s not mention how much beer that thing came into contact with.

Now that I’ve entered the workforce, I have found myself coveting jackets that not only keep you warm, but keep you looking cool (see what I did there?). I die every time I see a Saint Laurent signature motorcycle jacket. That is my definition of the perfect leather jacket, but (sigh) the $5K price tag snaps me back to reality.

This brought me to research potential options to explore for my next investment piece. The Wes Moto Jacket by Rebecca Minkoff in light pink with gunmetal hardware is so freakin’ cute and the price is pretty good for a designer leather jacket. Anna Kendrink and Kate Mara were both spotted in this jacket (at the same event - gasp!). Aimee Song of Song of Style has a red, embellished one I’m absolutely dying over.

Have a leather jacket you love? Share in the comments below!

~ Taylor, fashioniSTA intern
Photo Credit: She’s Got Style - Rebecca Minkoff