Dancing with the Stars premieres tonight, so to get us in the style spirit, we’ve dug up some of our favorite outfits from seasons past. Whether it’s an elegant waltz or an energetic jitterbug - or just a look at the judge’s black-tie ensembles - the costume department knows how to bring it. The sequins, spandex and use of feathers make this show one of the most stylish programs to hit the air, check out the evidence below!

Of course we’re always looking for ways to put a little more DWTS into our days. To get the signature looks for your everyday life, we’ve come up with a few ingredients. Just add these to your daily outfits and you’ll be waltzing to work and foxtrotting into Fridays by no time:

Sparkle. This is the most important ingredient, and must be used generously. Or just sprinkle a little on your eyelids to brighten up your Mondays (which, coincidentally, is a DWTS night). Plus you’ll be ahead of the trend, gold lamé is really hitting up the runway for fall.

A sassy attitude. The dancers don’t get to the top without a will to win, and you won’t claim their coveted style without a little sass in your step.

Spray tan. Whether you’re looking to go full Cha-cha-cha or you just want a little extra Jive in your life, a sunny glow is a must-have.

Fancy up-do. You can’t expect to perform a 30-worthy dance with your hair falling in your face. Slick your hair into an Argentine Tango ponytail, tease it back into a Samba-swept mane, or pin it back into a Waltz-worthy chignon.

Waterproof mascara. No episode ever made it through without a few tears. While you’re at it, add a few faux lashes to your look for a truly authentic homage.

Now that you’ve got the tools, you’re all set to celebrate the premiere in style!

~Ashley, FashioniSTA