If there’s one lady to watch every Halloween, that would be Heidi Klum. I’m not sure how this woman manages to host Project Runway and run multiple businesses while managing to pull off these Halloween masterpieces. Oh right, she has a Halloween costume designer. Now I’m insanely jealous of her on a number of levels, but until I have my own costume designer on retainer for a single holiday, I’ll be living vicariously through my favorite Heidi Halloween costumes.

Garden of Eden
Leave it to Heidi Klum to take a biblical reference and add sparkles to it. Dressed as a forbidden fruit/snake combination, with Seal as a blonde Eve, Heidi definitely took her costume to the limit. Not only does that apple probably weigh more than she does, but between the fangs, the face paint and the snake head, she really committed to this concept. To say that it blew the “sexy cop” costumes out of the water is an understatement.

Goddess Kali
This costume marks the beginning of Heidi’s head-to-toe body paint period. With six additional arms somehow adhered to her body, and with the embellished headpiece/shrunken heads, this costume probably took about as long to make as the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Although the backlash from this costume wasn’t all positive, the intricate detail and over-the-top use of body paint sealed Heidi’s place in the Halloween hall of fame. The fact that I can’t tell which arms are actually hers is just an additional fun guessing game. By the way, are those red contacts?

Lady Godiva
Another striking historical allusion from Heidi. Well done with the horse, by the way. My favorite thing about Halloween is that you can never go too over-the-top (although I am a little concerned about how she ended up getting the horse into the party). This costume was probably a challenge at first, what with the whole Lady-Godiva-was-naked thing that her designer had to work with. But I guess there’s nothing that a nude-colored body suit with discreetly-placed sparkles can’t overcome. The long, blonde wig is pretty much the only part of this concept that any of us normal people can hope to recreate, which leaves this concept to the celebrities.

Robot Superhero
When you literally cannot distinguish who is wearing the costume, it’s either a really awful Garfield costume, or it’s incredibly awesome. Heidi’s costume from last year fell into the latter category, as she not only painted the top half of her body in solid, purple glitter paint, but she also spent the night walking on robotic stilts. Now I’ve never had to make myself three feet taller, but I have painted my entire face, and let me tell you, the removal was a two-day process. The dedication was pretty remarkable on Heidi’s part, and I’m only slightly confused as to how a person can look so skinny as a robot. The fact that the supermodel sported a Tyra Banks hairline only added to the costume.

Since this year the supermodel is hosting two parties, she’s doubling up on the costumes. From the sneak peek that she’s let people see, she’s going for a crazed monkey for her NYC party (below, right), and for her Vegas bash, she’ll be decked out as a…human body (below, left). It’s like a modern take on the traditional skeleton costume, only way creepier. When there is exposed muscle and organs involved, it tends to take a turn for the creepy. Is it weird that I’m still dying to see the finished products?

~Ashley, FashioniSTA