As our “Fashion Hunters” October 4th premiere date inches closer, many are wondering what changes the Mott Street New York store has undergone, both during filming and now in preparation for the series to actually air on Bravo!

There were in fact, many changes. As you know, our motto is “Rescale Goes Upscale.” We wanted to make sure that we were being true to what the company stands for. We’ve always been proud of STA’s ability to change peoples’ minds about negative consignment stigmas by keeping our merchandise fresh, and being choosy when taking in items for the store. We re-curated the racks prior to filming in about a two-week time period and then an entire TV crew came in and set up shop!

It was a total adventure, both personally and professionally for all of us. Consignments are usually personal, with people handing over pieces they initially shelled out major money for. Doing them on camera changed the dynamic a bit, but, we were pleasantly surprised how much our consignors wanted to participate and how well they rolled right into ‘TV mode’! It’s never easy to point out stains, rips or holes in someone’s clothing, but that was a large part of what the show was about – how meticulous we have to be when doing our job.

There were also amazing moments where we found things people had brought in were one-of-a-kind couture or vintage pieces with values up to the tens of thousands. There are a lot of goodies in store for everyone to see – including an unforgettable trip to New York’s exclusive Hamptons towns, where we got to mix consignment with pleasure and saddle back to our store with unbelievable merchandise to sell!

After shooting for four months, we said good-bye to our Bravo family and had the summer to get the store (and our personal lives!) back to normal. Thanks to everyone who has been cheering us on and supported our endeavors in this show. It was a joint effort between the entire cast, the STA Boston management team & investors and our new joint family, the Bravo & Leftfield networks. Our shoppers and consignors also played a huge role every time they took a chance, bravely signing a waiver and volunteering to showcase the consignment process.

Now that you’ve heard our preface to the show, don’t forget to tune in on October 4th at 10:30pm for all the consignment and couture that STA Mott Street has to offer!

~Tara and Ambria, fashioniSTAs

P.S. We’re starting off your hunt the right way! Come into any STA on October 4th and mention the secret catchphrase “I live for the hunt” to score an additional 10% off everything!