I recently had a once-in-a-lifetime shopping find at Second Time Around.

Last Friday after work, I dropped into the 176 Newbury Street store – known to its nearest and dearest shoppers as ‘176’. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, just coming by for a good browse. As I entered the store two women were oogling something at the counter. I did my best to peek over their shoulders, but all I could catch was a flash of red.

I browsed a bit, and as the store cleared out, I cozied up to the counter. Visiting the counter at 176 is a bit of a ritual for me. It’s where they keep the high-end bags, clutches, wallets, jewelry, scarves and shoes. I like to go there after long days, be in the good company of whoever is working that shift, and just stare at the eye candy before me. Often there is nothing I need, but there is always something to admire. I like to just stand there and marvel.

Who makes those peep toe heels?
Is that from the 2007 line?
I never knew Hermes made those!

This is the kind of talk that happens at the 176 counter. It’s just friendly banter between a group of people that love fashion enough to simply admire it.

But, back to my shopping find. The aforementioned flash of red turned out to be a red Louis Vuitton Epi wallet, which is now mine. The only thing better than getting a phenomenal deal on this phenomenal wallet, were the girls at 176 who were overjoyed that it found a good home.

Thanks ladies.

~Mariel, STA shopper, Second Time Around