Dear Target,

You have broken the mold on inexpensive clothing with your designer collaborations. From Rafe to Richard Chai, each GO International collection that you debut makes you even more of a fashion superpower. On behalf of the shopaholic nation that flocks to your store, I must let you know that with great power comes great responsibility. How you handle this responsibility is up to you, but we have a few suggestions on designer lines we think could really help you live up to your potential.

Diane von Furstenberg
There is not one girl on planet Earth who does not love a DVF wrap dress. Want to see what mass mayhem looks like? Pair DVF style with Target prices and prop the doors open. Everybody looks good wearing her designs, and I know the only thing keeping most people from buying everything she ever puts on a department store rack is the steep price tag that seems to find its way onto every one of her garments. Just imagine it with us, Target: Racks filled with colorful, printed wrap dresses; chiffon-draped, floral summertime blouses; tiered, ruffled skirts; all topped off with a couple pairs of her animal-printed sunglasses. And maybe some rubber flip-flops with her signature love knot design.

Herve Leger Bandage Dress

Herve Leger

This isn’t so much of a suggestion as it is a desperate plea. I need a bandage dress, Target. And by “I,” I mean every woman in greater North America. Preferably one that is in a vibrant – yet classy – color and maybe with a little sequins. You don’t need to go over the top with the ombré and the full glitz effect, just a couple bandage skirts in both pencil and A-line, as well as a few variations on the classic bandage dress with different necklines.

Yes, this line would be slightly one-sided, what with the lack of pants and tops available, but I doubt you’d hear anyone complaining. His dresses seem to look good on a variety of body types, and I’ve never heard of anybody saying that looking great was a bad thing. So by not putting this line in your store, Target, you might as well tell all of us that you don’t want us to look great. And that’s just offensive.

Marc Jacobs

This one should be pretty obvious. Yes, I’m aware that he has a lower-priced line, but unless you happen to be a millionaire, his Marc by Marc Jacobs line is still a little on the pricey side. But his designs could easily translate to a GO International collaboration with his ability to create a broad spectrum of looks under one label. Military-inspired or library-chic, this versatile designer could create a versatile line that would appeal to your extensive consumer base. It’s actually pretty poor business management if you don’t implement this designer into your stores.

Marc Jacobs Rubik Nylon Stam Satchel

Target, please take his bold patterns and edginess from his Marc line and pair it perhaps with a few takes on his premium designer-line handbags. Nothing fancy, just a couple quilted handbags with chain straps and big hardware. But pair those handbags with exposed-zipper skirts and cardigan-style dresses, and you’ve got all the tools of a major style superstar.     

Christian Louboutin
Hey, a girl can dream.

So you see, Target, we’re not asking for too much. We haven’t requested elaborate, real-fur vests or bedazzled booties encrusted with Swarovski crystals. This is just one, simple fashion-obsessed plea to the powers that be. We’ve given you all the tools, all you have to do is say yes. So easy.

Love always,
Shopaholic Everywhere

PS - Love the new Tucker line.

~Ashley Bell, FashioniSTA, Second Time Around