Ten Consignment Shops Every Sample Sale Junkie Should Know

7/31/2012 - NY Racked

 One of the four commandments of sample sale shopping is "Know thy consignment shops." If you spend enough time at free-for-all grabfests in the Garment District, you'll inevitably wind up buying something that you just can't wear. Luckily, this city is full of places where you can make sure your purchases wind up in good hands, and recoup some of your losses while you're at it.

Below, we've rounded up ten of New York's best consignment shops in one handy guide. No matter where you go, remember to bring a valid, government-issued photo I.D. just in case. Also, most of these stores operate by appointment only, so be sure to call ahead. -Additional research by Tanya Loss


Address:Various locations

High end or mainstream:High end

What you get for your clothes: Consignment

What you'll find inside:Items are separated by category, including "new arrivals" and "staff picks." Though the merchandise is high-end designer, the prices can be (relatively) moderate.

What you can sell:They'll accept high-end designer merchandise that's in saleable condition, but not if it's more than three seasons old-so no vintage. They'll also buy out of season if the item is right.

How much you'll get for it:If your item comes with an original tag, they'll offer you half the price. Otherwise, you'll get up to 40% of the ultimate selling price. Your item has three months to sell. After the first month, it gets reduced to 20%; after the second, 30%; and after the third, 50%. Sometimes, they'll skip you altogether and work directly with buyers from brands and stores.

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