How to Create the Essential Closet

8/15/2012 -

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Hi, I'm Ambria Miscia for We're here at Second Time Around in NYC, and today I'm going to show you how to create the essential closet.

Essential Closet: Little Black Dress

You must have a little black dress! It's versatile and appropriate for almost any occasion; a meeting at work, a cocktail party for after work, a luncheon with the ladies, a little black dress is a must have!

Essential Closet: Jeans

The perfectly fitting pair of jeans is not only essential, it's that item you can't live without. If you could only have one, the darker the wash better, only because you can dress them up or down. Either way, jeans are definitely in the closet.

Essential Closet: White Blouse

A crisp white blouse that you can dress up or down is another essential. You can wear it all year long, and it's just a classic look for any and all occasions.

Essential Closet: Cashmere Cardigan

Speaking of classic, that to-die-for comfy, yet expensive looking, cashmere cardigan is another wardrobe essential. This is sophisticated and business friendly, as well as a weekend getaway must.

Essential Closet: Floral Scarf

Accentuate the black and whites in your wardrobe with a bold or floral scarf or wrap. This is another way to give vibrancy to your wardrobe and dress up or down a basic black dress, white blouse or sweater and jeans. You can work it and wear it as many ways as you can.

Essential Closet: Ballet Flats

The ballet flat is the latest yes for the wardrobe. Today there are so many different styles and colors, but if you just had to get one, get nude. They go with everything and are totally acceptable and comfortable in today's fashionista's closet.

Essential Closet: Black Blazer

Last, and certainly not least, is that great black blazer. Something to go over that dress, with those jeans or the classic white shirt and pair of trousers. You need a jacket, to bring it all together.

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