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FAQ Title

1) What does consignment mean?  

Having a 3rd party sell merchandise and remiting proceeds of sale to consignor(you) after the sale of the merchandise.

2) How long is the consignment period? 

90 days

3) May I pick up my unsold items at any time?

You may retreive any unsold items at any time. Typically, all unsold items may be picked up by consignor one week after the 90 day consignment period has ended. After that week, all items may be donated to charity.

4) Does second Time Around purchase clothing for cash upfront ?

No, we pay the consignors (you) after the items have sold.

5) How will I be paid?

You have 3 options;   

   a) By check-mailed to your address

   b) To have all monies directly deposited into your bank accout. Click here to find out more information on this option.

    c) If the balance in your consignment account is less than $100 when the consignment period ends, you may come by the store and pick up cash.

6) To what charity do you donate to?

Goodwill Industries

7) May I get a charity deduction slip for my donated items?

Yes, just ask a store associate

8) What is your criterea for accepting clothing?

   a) Clothing may be no older than 2 years.

   b) Clothing must be in clean & perfect condition.

   c) Clothing must be a designer label,

   d) Clothing must be for the current or upcoming season.

   d) There is a 3 peice minimun and no maximum for accepting clothing.

9) What designers do you accept?

Click here for a list of accepted designers

10) May I just drop off clothing to consign at any time?

No, an appointment is necessary. Please clik here to schedule an appointment online.

11) Who sets the price?

Second Time around does(sometimes we like to get input from you as to retail price paid, etc.)

12) How does Second Time Around know how much to charge for clothing?

We charge approximately 1/3-1/4 of the retail price. If the item is new(with original tags still on it) we charge 1/2 of retail price. In addition, we have been in business over 25 years and have learned to always try to get the most for our consignors while providing our customers with the greatest value.

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