Kick Your Style Hibernation to the Curb 

Does anyone else feel like that gentle autumn breeze turned into the Polar Vortex overnight? Well dust off those snowflakes, because we think spring is about to make its annual comeback.

The typical springtime florals have been replaced with heavy pastels and embellished prints. The candy sweetness of traditional pastels takes a turn for the sartorial in heavy wool and crisp silhouettes. Crazy about your embellished blouses? It's time to turn this trend up a notch as coats, pants and blazers get the treatment. A light, spring jacket can easily be modernized with an interesting print and strategic use of embellishments.

For this spring, it's all about the details. Last year's sheer trend has been updated to include intricate cut-outs and mesh detailing. Whether it's the use of mesh in place of sheer paneling, or architectural elements with a tiny peek of sheer, this trend has been officially updated.

Whether you're embracing springtime as soon as it hits 50° (I know we are) or you won't rest until summer is on the horizon, you can find the key trends this season in all the details.


You Got It? We Want It!

Statement jackets will soon be heating up the streets (no pun intended). From embellishments to folk details, springtime outerwear no long has to be basic. If you have one that hasn't left your closet in a while and you've realized you may never wear it, bring it in!

Tory Burch flats are one of our quickest sellers in any of our stores. These warm-weather staples are perfect in a pop of color or a traditional neutral, and requested by all of our shoppers!

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