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October 06, 2006
Second Time Around

This is not the dusty, musty, mothball fest of most second hand stores. For this, you see, is Newbury Street and even second hand stores are high end here. For those of us who love designer fashions, but find $1000 sweaters just a wee bit of an outrage, Second Time Around brings some sanity to high-end fashion. Most of the styles here (that are happily still in style) look like they were worn but once by a local fashionista who wouldn’t dare be seen in the same thing twice. All the better for those of us on a budget. Find the big time brand name accessories (costume jewelry, shoes, scarves, etc.) and fashions (jeans, leather coats, and even evening gowns) without feeling like you raided Grandma’s closet. Shop here and virtually no one will know you shopped second hand.

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