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Better The Second Time Around

Let’s first talk about Second Time Around. Located smack dab on Newbury Street, this boutique shares the street with neighbors like Marc Jacobs and Nanette Lepore and still manages to bringing in the crowds. As I walked in to check out the shop I was very taken aback by the boutique-like feel. Inside I found things like a Chanel cardigan for $100 and Prada calf high boots for $110. What makes this shop so magical? Emerald Gravel, the store manager, was more than happy to answer that question. “We try to stay current and only accept pieces that go back a few seasons. Nothing past two years.” said Gravel as groups of fashion hunters made their way around us to attack the isles for their couture fix.

What I liked about this shop is that nothing was crowded. Everything had a hanger to call home allowing for a quicker browsing and no need to fight to get around. Definitely recommended for those who can’t live without couture. With 35 years of business under their belt and connections with local consignors and boutiques you know this shop will be around for a long time. If you ever find yourself in the Boston area make sure this is a stop on your trip.

A place for everything and everything in it’s place.

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